My mum killed a man...

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I thought we were the normal family... That was, until Mum came home...

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



Blood soaks the front of her vest, hair matted with glistening crimson droplets, "Mum! What happened!? Mum?" Black stars bloom in my vision and a feeling of wooziness comes over me.

"Oh don't worry dear, it's not mine," She replies all to cheerfully.

"Mum, what are you talking about?"

"You see, there was this man. He said some things... I think he was asking for some directions or something... Don't look at me like that, he deserved what he got!"

I grip the table for support, a sick feeling settling in my stomach. We're in the kitchen, I had rushed in here when I had heard mums' keys in the door, she was very late homes..." Okay, Mum... Okay," I slowly take a deep breath and let it out, " Okay... Just, just get yourself cleaned up and... And."

She nods once and places something in the sink then heads to the bathroom. When i hear the door lock i rush to my bedroom and begin to cram stuff in my school bag... Spare clothes, phone, keys, torch and a few other things. I'm out the door before it all comes down on me, crushing my head. I stumble out the gate and down the road, soon I'm running though the night fighting tears. My Mum killed a man, my mum killed a man. She murdered and innocent man. The words keep spinning around in my head along with the of her covered in blood, warm, metallic, red blood. I stumble on the curb and fall to the ground. I don't get up, I just lye there, shocked, scared. After half an hour or so, I drag myself into some ones garden to hide, to get away from my mum who killed a man. I fall into a troubled sleep, exhaustion and fear taking its toll...


Man killed in alleyway near George St with kitchen knife on the 25th October, killer unknown. Next day, girl found, same knife used, possibly same killer. Girl yet to be identified...

The telly switches off. Silence fills the now dark room." She got what she deserved. You are to, in good time. Get what you deserve I mean, you brought it upon yourself, just like the other two, just like everyone else!"

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