Outward bound:A Life Changing Experience

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It was an experience I will never forget, one that sculpted me into who I am today... see for your self...

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



My Experience at Outward Bound:

I’ve cried and laughed, cringed and grinned. There were many moments where I wanted to go home, but from the instant I was offered the scholarship, I new it would be worth it. From tramping, sailing and white water Kayaking, to rock climbing, high ropes and solo, my days were filled with intensity. I’ve been sunburnt, and bitten; I’ve fallen down and pulled muscles and through it all, the Outward Bound (OB) Mind, Body, and Soul (MBS) course has given me a new outlook on life. I’ve come home feeling whole, with an understanding of myself, others and the environment around me; even my Mum could sense a new depth to my character.

My happiest moment during the course would have to be on the ride back to school after a three day tramp, with the highest climb being over 900 metres above sea level. It was an epic experience but I was very glad to have flat, solid ground beneath me and a roof over my head. I never thought I’d appreciate a hot shower and clean clothes so much.

Along side the many happy moments, there were a few bad ones. On our expedition near the end of the course, while we were tramping up to over 1000 metres, I felt like throwing myself back down the hill and saying, ‘No… I want to go home!’ But I persevered and it was through this that I found I can push myself further and that my mental, emotional and physical limits can be stretched and tested beyond their confines.

I defiantly highly recommend this experience. It truly is life changing in so many ways. I feel refreshed and alive… but now this is when my course really begins… now I have the chance to prove that OB has helped make a difference. I need to face the challenges in life and know that the harder I try, the bigger the reward and that no matter what the out come, even though I may get sunburnt, bitten or fall down, if I follow my true north, I’ll make it out the other side.

I’d like to thank all the people who have helped make it possible for me to attend OB; for their support and encouragements. Without the scholarship I would never have been able to make it. From my family and friends, to a stranger who helped me on my travels, it seems that every one in New Zealand has added to my experience. I am truly grateful…

So just remember… find your true north and stick to it. It may change from time to time but it just means you need to find a new bearing… Never deviate from your path for too long, and just enjoy life while it lasts.



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