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this is another look at the failings of the mainstream media



Look at the words used to report recent news articles, think about how we immediately feel when we hear them, not after any reflection but our initial thoughts. Just this summer in the lead up to the French Presidential Elections Marine la Pen was always called leader of “the far right FN Party” not simply the leader of the FN Party. Her opponent, and eventual winner, Mr. Marchant now President Marchant was called the “Centralist”. Lets look at what these terms, when used, make us think and feel.

Far Right - Images of racists, Nazis, fascists, dictators come to mind.

Centralist - Images of openness to all, someone that works with everyone, the one we should vote for


Yet Marine la Pen ran on the back of anti-immigration, France first, leaving the EU. This is exactly what those who wanted Britain to leave the EU were saying only 12 months previous, but was Boris Johnson and the rest called “Far Right Campaigners” how many times was Boris Johnson or other proponents of “Brexit” called out as racists, or fascists.


Gone it would seem to me are the days of “News Reporters” and it seems, with only very few exceptions we have only “News Commentators” who spout tid bits and headliners that seem to portray theirs or the company owners own agenda. This is happening all over the media, just look at some of the headlines and reports. When civilians were being killed by the US led coalition the news stations were full of the term “Collateral Damage”. When we had the atrocities here in Europe over the last number of years such as London, Manchester, Madrid, Paris or Brussels, those killed were heralded as innocent victims killed by terrorists. Were their lives any more innocent or valid than those killed by the bombs dropped from thousands of feet above the ground by the “Allied Forces”? Now don’t get me wrong these people who lost their lives the fore mentioned atrocities were innocent people going about their daily lives trying to provide for themselves and families and the people who carried out these attacks were terrorists. But I ask you this were they not just as terrorised as those in Iraq or Afghanistan were?


Estimates of “Non-Combatants” killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2017 are between 112,000 and 123,000. Yet nobody has been or will be held accountable for these deaths. In Afghanistan a further 26,000 civilian deaths due to war related violence have been documented. Again who will be held accountable for these deaths. Yet none of the news media Organisations really talk about these. They only seem to talk about the collateral damage like they are buildings or monuments not real flesh and blood human beings. Why do the news media report like this? Simple answer is it makes it more palatable to you and me. This is one way it seems that we as a society can tolerate the reality of what is really happening without asking the important questions like why do we not hold our Political Leaders up to the same righteous standards that we want to hold those we call terrorists up to. We want them to feel the full weight of the Law when they kill people here in Europe. But why are we not calling for the Political Leaders here in Europe, who allow these bombs that kill people to be dropped, to be brought before any courts? The simple answer is that we are being guided as a society by the Media and their agendas who only tell us what they know will placate us and not ask some hard questions.


Another way the Media pushes its agenda subtly is the words they use at certain points. Take for instance the BBC World Service. During a news report on the 16 May 2017 at 2300 and again at midnight GMT the reporter used the term Mr Trump instead of President Trump. They even used Mr Trump and President Nowarah in the same sentence. Another instance of this use of words to distract from reality is when talking about “Brexit” we see those who moved to Britain being called “immigrants” yet in the same story they talk about the British people who moved abroad and call them “British Ex-Pats”. Are they both not the same, I mean those that moved to Britain are never called Ex-Pats and in reverse those who left Britain are never referred to immigrants in other countries just simply as Ex-Pats. But by using the words “Immigrants” and “Ex-Pats” it furthers the hidden agenda in the mainstream media.


There was also another report that caught my attention and that was of US Marine Tracey Manning who leaked classified documents was tried, found guilty and sentenced. She had her conviction commuted by President Barrack Obama and was called a hero of freedom by a lot of people and politicians. But the same politicians that heralded her a hero were the same ones who wanted to impeach President Donald Trump for what they referred to as possibly leaking classified Intel when he spoke to a Russian government Minister even though they had no basis for their accusations. Please tell me why USM Manning is a hero for it and President Trump is not fit for office even if it were true that he told a foreign government official something he knew. At least he told a government official where as USM Manning told the entire world.


Other ways that the Media distort the news is the way they use percentage figures. Take for example a report in the Mirror during the last election campaign. They had a very predominant table that showed that the Conservatives had 49% Labour had 34% Liberal Democrats had 7% Green Party with 3% and UKIP with 2%. This looked really good for the Conservatives so why should Labour voters go vote? Well if you had the eye sight of a hawk you would have seen in very small print that this was done using only a pole of 1,053 people with no reference to where they were from. And it was not just the Mirror who did this, if you take a look around you will notice that everyone does this and always the same way the amount of people poled never spoken of and the figures always at the bottom in tiny print.


Then in June 2017 during the National Elections there was an attack in London. All campaigning was stopped yet Prime Minister Teresa May was on every news station every few minutes telling people everything she would do to stop these attacks. Yet the opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn got less than 30 seconds from the BBC. I live here in Spain and I listen to the BBC World Service yet even on there I heard everything she was going to do when re-elected but heard almost nothing from Jeremy Corbyn Where is the balance here? Are News stations meant to be balanced and independent 

Submitted: September 23, 2017

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Thanks for writing a very intelligent essay! I didn't know that the European press was as devious as the American press. Ours has been that way for at least four decades, possibly longer. People representing themselves as reporters are actually commentators with very one sided opinions. It is really laughable to hear them sometimes. It is sad to realize that real reporting is a thing of the past.

Tue, March 6th, 2018 7:23pm

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