The Coldest Summer Night (A Gravity Falls Fan Fiction)

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Gravity Falls Fan Fiction! Reading fan fics for a lot longer than I've been writing them, so sorry if it sucks. Hope you like it!

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



The Coldest Summer Night


It was cold. Unusually cold for August, although fall was just around the corner. You were out star gazing as you normally are every night. The chill creeps up your neck and gives you chills. The grass around you is wet from the midnight dew, but you're on a dry blanket. Your v-neck doesn't help in trying to ignore the chill of this unusual night. As you curl up, you rethink your decision of bringing only one blanket.


It felt nice to be out in the country. Away from all the noise and pollution, it was refreshing. Staying with your aunt for a while over the summer was a good decision. You take in the cold, crisp, fresh air like it's your last breath and exhale. It's gonna suck to leave, but life waits for no man and you have school. You made some good memories here, though. There's this cabin not that far from here called the Mystery Shack, and you had some fun times there. You made lots of friends, and you're going to miss them when you leave tomorrow.


Sure the Mystery Shack itself is pretty lame. There's a lot of tourist trap bogus stuff in there with a crazy old man named Grunkle Stan who runs it, but other than that it's cool. There are a couple of kids your age that help out there. They're twins and you've gone on tons of adventures with them. One is this very enthusiastic girl named Mabel who has a pet pig named Waddles. The other one is a boy who is awkward, shy, and very sensitive. He is obsessed with mysteries and he's pretty smart; His name's Dipper. There's also this cool older chick who works there named Wendy who you've come to know and respect. Of course, there's also Soos who's an older dude and pretty hilarious.


You look up at the night sky hoping to see a shooting star. It wasn't quite time for the upcoming meteor shower, but it was going to be a while before you got to see the stars this magnificent again. "Um...hi _______", a familiar voice stuttered. You turn to see that it's Dipper. "Oh, hey there Dipper. How's it goin'?" He looks away and rubs his arm awkwardly "Oh uh, I'm ok I guess. Haha." Classic Dipper. Always has to make things weird. "Well, would you like to join me? The stars look pretty awesome tonight." He looks up with a dorky smile on his face and rosy cheeks. "S-sure..." You try to make room on your intended for one person cover and scoot on over to a cold part of the blanket. Dipper is just laying there stiff as a log. You start to shiver.


 "So, are you excited to be going back home? You probably miss it." Dipper turns his head and his cap slides off slightly. "Not really. Mabel and I are a little less than thrilled about leaving the Mystery Shack and everyone. Plus going home means back to school." You turn towards him. "Yeah, I feel ya. I'm gonna miss everyone here while I'm back at home." Dipper tries to fix his hat while laying on the the blanket. "Yeah, haha. It's a real bummer." He moves his brunette hair up a little and you notice something on his forehead.


"Hey, what's that?" You say as you lean in close to Dipper. "Huh? What are you-", he tries to say as his face starts to feel warmer. You lift his hair to reveal a strange pattern on his forehead. "Whoa. Hey, what is this?" Dipper grabs his hat, jumps up and turns to leave. "N-nothing! It's nothing, just uh, something Mabel drew on my forehead! Haha, I should probably get going..." You stand up and look at him concerned. "Dipper, are you alright?" He doesn't turn around and you notice him clinching his fists as he lowers his head. "I'm fine...really." 


He starts to walk away, but you walk towards him. Grabbing his arm, you pull him toward you, holding him from behind. He's warm and you start to shiver again. "Look, Dipper. I'm sorry if I made you upset. I didn't mean to." He stands still for a little while, but you don't let go. The shivering intensifies, but you keep holding on. 


You start to think to yourself: Wait...Why can't I just let him go? Is he going to run if I do? Oh god, I hope not. Wait, why do I hope not? Do I?...


He hugs your arms and gently breaks your shivering grip from him and turns to you. To your relief, there is a smile on his face. His smile quickly turns into a concerned look "Are you cold?" You just look at him as your face starts to heat up and your voice cracks. "N-no, I'm-" He puts his Navy puffer vest on you and grabs the blanket. 

"Here-" He wraps the blanket around both of you and puts his arm around you. "This should keep you warm until you get back to your Aunt's." You snap out of your confusion, and rest your head on his shoulders as you both make your way to your Aunt's house. He holds you closer to him in a warming embrace and you think to yourself: I...I like him

 The End

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