The Most Unforgettable Flight

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Just a piece of my life that I thought others would enjoy. It is a true story from when I visited Los Angeles and a flight delay changed my journey to a connecting flight from L.A. to Minneapolis with a most interesting man.

Submitted: September 14, 2015

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Submitted: September 14, 2015



Such an intriguing man, he was. I could sit there for hours listening to him go on about everything that fascinated him,

or anything that lit a fire in him with anger. Desperately, I tried not to fall in love with him in a mere few hours. Captivated in his

conversation, I sat in my emergency seat on a flight from L.A to Minneapolis and actively listened to him. He spoke of his

entertaining life, with few family members left, many friends and wonderful pets. He went on about how he was a bartender, club

bouncer, and a softball umpire. He enlightened me on the struggles that come with being a little man. His life was so normal, so

average, yet it struck me as the most amazing story; his story. Although the air conditioning on the plane chilled me to the bone

and it was quite late, I somehow kept myself awake and took in every word. When the time skipped from Midnight to an early 

Seven in the morning, we exited the plane and life called upon us to part ways. In all of that time sitting with him on this flight, I

still barely knew him. I never got his name, I never told him mine, and I never said goodbye to him. We boarded our flight and were

seated together as strangers, and that's exactly how we left each others's lives; as strangers. So many regrets, so many things that

were left unsaid. I may not know your name, but I will never forget you.

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