Strangers in Time: Are we related?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

One evening a man and his girlfriend are confronted by a stranger claiming to be a relative. The story becomes even more weird when this stranger tells them he came from the future. Will this man, who calls himself Simon be able to prove his claims? Will they listen to his explanations in detail or just think he must be crazy?

Strangers in Time: Are we related?

Paul Curran


It is a quiet evening at home for Lisa as she sits listening to the radio and reading a newspaper.  The year is 2013.  Lisa’s boyfriend Sean enters the room and they discuss how their day has been.  Lisa and Sean are both in their early thirties.  They talk about the future.  Sean suggests they buy a home together eventually as they are spending a lot of money on rent.

Someone knocks as their door and when Sean answers a young man appears and claims he is a relative.  Sean asks how they are related but the man is reluctant to give a precise explanation.  The man identifies himself as Simon and claims he travelled a great distance especially be meet them both.

Lisa becomes concerned and tells the man he must explain himself but she doesn’t get a satisfactory answer.  Simon produces an old, dated photograph of Sean and Lisa together but they appear older in this photo than they do today.  This puzzles them both.

“I want to take you on a journey” Simon tells them.  “You are my great grandfather.  One hundred years from now it will be possible to travel in time.  I came from the year 2113.”

But Sean and Lisa reject his claims and refuse to believe his story.  They ask him to leave and Simon becomes disappointed because he hoped to talk with them more.  A few moments after Simon leaves the phone rings.  Sean answers.  It is Simon begging them to take him seriously and not be afraid.

He tells Sean specific information about their ages and personal history including the fact Lisa has mental health issues.  Sean gets upset with Simon and suspects he and his girlfriend are being stalked.  He warns Simon to stop.  But Simon won’t go away until he feels he has been properly listened to.

Simon claims to have a device which can create a wormhole and allow matter to travel to another point in time.  He is more than will to demonstrate this device in use but Sean is not interested.  Sean knows this guy won’t leave them in peace so he offers to meet outside.

Simon is standing in the garden when he reaches for the device from his pocket and Sean get even more nervous.  It is late at night and no one would hear him call for help except Lisa.  Suddenly there is a strange sound and the view of the night sky becomes greatly distorted.  “Come with me” Simon tells Sean.

There is a tunnel, somehow created in the atmosphere.  Slowly both men walk towards that tunnels which seems to about five few meters.  Within a few moments they are ready to come out the other end and see broad daylight. 

“Welcome to the City of Derry, Northern Ireland” a friendly robot greets them.  “The date is June 3RD 2113.  The weather will be sunny today with a high of 40 degrees centigrade.” 

It is a lot warmer in this future.  Sean discovers wonderful technology that is yet to be invented.  There are no cars or roads.  Teleportation is commonplace rather than driving.  Simon also adds criminals often use invisibility to conceal their identity and ordinary people are taking holidays to other solar systems, time periods and universes.

But the danger is such time travel being widely available may lead it being abused!  Simon’s great grandson tells him he wants to go back to 2012 and warn his mother she will be shot.  Simon warns him of the risks involving changing history by meeting people in the past.  But he fails to convince his great grandson that he shouldn’t take the chance in such difficult circumstances.

People have become bored in their own time and want to adventure.  However the authorities ensure drivers and their passengers are adults and fully aware of the rules before allowing them to make journeys in time.  People are required to pass a test before permission to enter the past or future is granted.

Simon only recently past his test and has been looking forward to exciting adventures in time for several months.  Simon is surprised to hear Sean wonder why more tourists don’t visit 2013.  “It’s not a popular destination but some temporal visitors do go” Simon responds.  “They aren’t allowed to identify themselves as time travelers.”

Submitted: October 20, 2011

© Copyright 2020 IrishWriterPaul. All rights reserved.

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Why don't you make it a novel? Short story is not enough for me lol... I do like "time machine" and wanna read your coming stories.

Thu, October 20th, 2011 1:08pm


Maybe I will turn Strangers in Time into a novel some day. I enjoyed writing it and would like to explore the characters in more detail...

Fri, October 21st, 2011 3:50am

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