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This is about all of us who have made the mistake of trying to be a rock star even though we know we cant afford to have it all.

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



We all do it from time to time, we buy things or do things that we don’t normally do because we really shouldn’t because we haft to stay on a budget. But when we see these rich Hollywood assholes buying shit like crazy we think why cant I have that. If a waitress is working from 6 am until fucking 12 am and she has to deal with the asshole cook and customer’s that don’t tip right, and she see’s some rich bitch with her jewelry and sexy dress and hot as hell boyfriend. Then of coarse she is going to try and do the same thing and if she cant find a hot boy friend she will just buy that 5,000 dollar dress and also buy the biggest vibrator  she can find. But lets also look at those individuals like the ones called nerds . Now while some of those smart bastards are cashing out on there ideas there are those who are not so smart but have a lot of heart and kindness but sadly they don’t look like matt Damon. And it all begins again when they see those rich good looking assholes driving there expensive cars and there supermodel girls friends who are giving the most amazing blowjobs when there boyfriends are driving. So these pour fuckers will spend every dime they have and take out loans at the bank just to drive a car they know they cant afford the payments on or they will just buy a high-end escort just to feel what its like to fuck the hottest woman they will ever have a chance to see naked. And last is someone who has to deal and clean shit and who also takes care of the cleaning. Of coarse I mean the maid, the help those people who work hard for you when you have a party and you make them dress like assholes or you fire them because they caws a seen when a guest grab a girls ass and she was not cool with it. So the maid will spend every cent she has and have a sick ass party. In the end people is it good to spend some money on your self when you are feeling bad absolutely. But don’t spend money you don’t have because you don’t need to feel like a rich man to feel good. All you need is your car, girl, friends, alcohol and some sweet ass tunes and you can live the Hollywood style your way. Also if any of you can get your girl friend to give you head in your shit car then smile.

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