Who cares about selling out in a bad economy

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This just my opinion on how things are going.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



In this world we are  living in a bad economy where people hafe to work three

Jobs just so that people can pay there rent for there crappie apartments. Now some

People are saying it’s the presidents fault or it’s the polletisons or governess or hell

It could even be that chick at subways who can never get your freaking sandwich order

Right even though you are telling her to her face that is not what I want, but the point is

Stop blaming people for the economy it happened so just get over it. It’s time to go out

And just try to survive by any way you can. The First thing you should to sorvie if you are

a College graduate is do not expect to get the job you went to school for, and if you are a

University  grad then let me just tell you that you my friend are fuck, because there are

Dozens of you out there and companies are maybe hiring one or two but hey don’t worry

Mc dollold is always hiring. Now there are some people who say even though they are

Going through a tough time they will not sell out. Now what I can respect that in this

Economy fuck the selling out if you need to eat do what you hafe to do. Hear is the rule

If you can make it work then good for you but if you cant take that selling out vibe right

What you feel and ether throw or drown that fucker because your principles will not keep

You fed or warm or a roof over your head. People its time to start doing what you need to

Do to survive, now im not saying go rob a bank but if the only job out is a shitty job then

Take it, fuck your morel high if you can get this job then take it. In this economy we

Need to work together with and just suck it up because if we don’t then our children

Children will grow up in a worse situation then we are in.

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