Quotes and sayings from myself #1

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These are some sayings and quotes that i came up with.

Submitted: August 06, 2008

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Submitted: August 06, 2008



Even with the hope of sucess, the prospect of happiness, the dream of a better world, without war there is no victory, without victory, there is no war to be fought. Victory is above all, above the delusion of happiness, above Gods, above yourslef, above anything and everything. There is only war; there is only Victor.

They shall see, they all will, whislt I let down the iron curtain of hate they shall tremble at my wrath finally realising its far too late.

hatred cannot be blamed for the actions of the distrought, the only answer is weakness.

fear is a path to anger, anger brings upon hatred, hatred is blind thus the victim is unaware of all else that moves.

Anger and rage are parasitic, they consume your focus, and feed off your fear. They control your thoughts and make you forget logic, then, when the time is right, they burst from your skin and go to infect others.

Love is blind, much like hatred, between them is a line, although its hard to see it,if you stand directly on the line, both in love and hatred, the two will battle for control of your soul like starved wolves, and the one that wins is the one you feed the most.

Love and hate, which is more powerful? The real question is which is weaker.

Honor is the most powerful state of mind there is, far stronger than being smitten, or bloodthirsty.

Pain is a memory, recognized only by those who have remembered it.

Wanting somone to love you is a pointless waste of time, loving somone is timeless.

unreturned love is far worse then intentional hatred.

Fighting has no point, win or lose, you will fight again.

The urge is powerful, though futile, as is the hope, the dream of success.

Is fighting a hopeless battle stupidity, or insane? no, it is called Honor.

Know who your enemy is, and be sure you can discriminate between him and yourself.

you are not alone, you are never alone, even in total darkness, in the middle of hell, your honor will be with you, always.

Honor, it seems to bee a curse word in our modern times, its said with a hushed voice.

happiness isnt really hard to obtain, you just have to forget about your sadness and concentrate on the now.

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