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I am alone in a crowd of millions, and I seek to purify.

Submitted: August 06, 2008

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Submitted: August 06, 2008



Renegade-a person who deserts a party or cause for another.

  Feel the asphalt under your feet, the stink of the horrid cage of society, the heat, grit, and furious feeling of the concrete jungle closing in around you. Awaken. We are the ReneGades. We change the course of history, everyday people like you and me. Can you see me now? You probably can’t, you never will.  Your society has changed, your honor is gone, your disgusting faithlessness stalks the dark corners of the world. We are the ReneGades. Normal was a word that was used to describe common states of being, now it is a label, a label for all that you used to be and all that we are. We dare not drink before 21, we dare not smoke, for it clouds the mind with hatred, we dare not have intercourse before maturity, it is sacred for that we hold dear. We are the ReneGades. Black. you  hide within it like a cave of fear and cowardice, the color of the weak. Thine heart is pure, thine hearts are Red. Marked with a star they beat and grow, grow within your hiding place, your sanctuary, where we wait. We are the ReneGades. Black hides the feelings, the fear, the grief, we are the strong, we are the faithful. You stream your own blood from your arteries, in hope of becoming Red, such as we, but you cannot. The gods have ignored you, and you hope to rekindle your faith, its too late; we are the pure, we are the free. We are the ReneGades. You huddle in groups of millions, we walk alone, quietly, waiting... we infiltrate your concrete jungle, your cities, your towns, your breached sanctuary. Alone in your crowd. We walk tall, you fall far. Welcome to your grave... we have dug it, you walked here on your own accord, you flew to the spiders web.  We wait, with our scales you have placed upon us, the snakes you claim us to be, we wait. We are the ReneGades. Your kind infests the world, we silently infest you. With words and wars, with iron and steel, we infest you. We are at war, we always have been. Rally round the flag, rally round it now. Purge the unclean. Purge the non believers. Purge the weak. Long live the norm, long live the war, long live the freedom, long live the honor. Long live honor. For honor and glory, we go to war.

We are the ReneGades.

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