Losing you?

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OKAY, I am sorry if I suck .. lay off, I am not the best around.
& I suck at summaries, but .. Jason was in a accident, who will he loose?

Submitted: March 13, 2011

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Submitted: March 13, 2011



Here we were, sitting in the sand, watching the sun set. Our arms wrapped around each other. Her head laying on my shoulder, her brown hair flowing in the gentle wind. She could probably here my heart racing, with every move she makes. She grabs my hands, and laced our fingers together, she whispered, “I wouldn't have it any way, spending my Sunday night with you on our second year together, I love you, Jason.” her soft velvet voice was music to my ears.

“I love you too Juliet. Happy two years. Here have this.” I kissed the top of her head, inhaling her scent. She turned around and I gave her a box, she open it and smiled. She quickly and pinned me to the sand and kiss me.

“Thanks, for the necklace. I have something for you too.” she got up and look through her bag, she pulled out an box, I open it and it was an ring. It had our initials. I put it on. “Can you put the necklace on?” She left her brown hair up and I put the necklace on and kissed her neck. “Let's go for a swim, in the sunset.” she smiled, her brown eyes were beautiful, there was an tint of yellow in eyes. I kissed her, passionately.

I nod my head, “Let's.” We got up from the ground and I grabbed her and carried her into the lake. She was squealing, and laughing. When we got into the lake, I put her down on her feet. I pushed her hair back behind her ears, “You bring the best out of me.” I tilt her head back a little and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I hugged her around her waste. My heart was racing, butter flies formed, sparks were flying like always. We stop to catch out breath, I hummed her favorite lullaby, her mother use to sing when she was a kid.

“Jason, let's swim now.” She smiled, her dimples were cute. I nod my head, and took a dive. When I got up to the surface, I noticed she was still dry.

“Dive.” I warned her. She shook her head, backing up a little. “Dive, Juliet.” I warned her again. She grin at me and shook her head again. “Come hug me, babe.” I smirked.

“No, you're wet. Let me dive!” she squealed, I kept getting close to her, but she dived right away. “That's warm.” she pushed her hair back, I couldn't keep my eyes off Juliet, she was beautiful. My Angel. “Beautiful isn't it?” she was looking at the sunset.

“Yes, beyond it too.” She looked at me, and blushed. She took another dive, and reached the surface, “You're too far away.” I whined.

“Come get me then.” she teased, and when for another dive. I took a dive, and swam for a while until I was out of breath. I went to the surface, and I didn't see her any where. I was getting worried, than she finally appeared. “You can't catch me.” she laughed. She started swimming closer too me. When she finally reached me, she hugged me. “I caught you, babe.” she kissed my cheek, my heart was beating fast again. “Let's go now. It's getting late.” I nod my head, and we walked out of the lake. We dried off as much as we could and wrapped the towel around us and walked to the jeep.

We drove off, blasting the radio, singing a lot to the songs we knew, I looked to my left, too look at my Angel. Before anything could happen, before I could hit the breaks, the vehicle hit us. “I love you, Juliet!” I screamed, and took her hand, she replied the words back but they were cut off by her scream. I shut my eyes tight, trying to ignore her screams but it was too painful.

I was groggy, there was a lot of beeping, doors opening, foot steps and whispering. When I open my eyes, the light was bright. It took awhile to get use too. When my eyes were fully open, I looked around, I started panicking. “Where am I? Where's Juliet?!” I yelled. I didn't care if my family was in here, I wanted Juliet.

There was an hand on my shoulder, “Calm bro.” I looked and saw Ryan. My best friend, he hugged me, “I thought I lost you.” he whispered.

“You didn't.” I whispered back, “Where's Juliet?” I was trying to be calm. I suddenly became really sore, I looked at my body, I had an broken left leg and it felt like my chest was on fire.

“Good, you're awake.” a doctor walked it, my mother followed. She had an cup of something, when she noticed I was awake she put it down and ran to my side.

“Oh my goodness, my son!” she cried, hugging my head. “I thought I lost you.”

“You didn't!” I was getting annoyed, “Why do you guys keep saying that, like it was an bad thing?!”

“Doc explain.” my father said, he got up from the chair in the corner. I never noticed him there, and I noticed Ryan was gone.

“You got into an bad accident, couple broken ribs, a broken leg and a minor concussion. But your bones will help.” he put a light to my eyes, “Good, I-” I moved my head away from his grip.

“Can someone tell me where fucking Juliet is?!” I yelled, my mother and father's head went down. The doctor looked uncomfortable.

“Well, she's in a coma. It's been 3 days since your accident, she hasn't awake yet. I-”

“Can I see her?” I tried to get up, my but my chest stop me. I screamed in pain. “Fuck!” It hurt so much, especially not seeing Juliet, my Angel. I looked at my hands and noticed my ring was gone. “Where's my ring?!” my mother grabbed something from an drawer and get me it. I quickly put it on my finger.

“I am sorry. You can't see her. Family only, its on-”

“Fuck you, I am her family, her boyfriend. I am allowed to see her.” I told him.

“Hunny.” I looked at my mom, “You must rest, than you could see her. Sleep.”

It took my awhile too calm down, but I slept. Trying not to think about the stuff that happen.

“Jason, babe.” My Angel was standing right there. I tried to reach out and grab her but I woke up right away. I hit my fist on the bed, not another stupid sad dream! “How long have I been in here now?” I asked my mother.

“Over 2 weeks, you can wheel yourself around now. The doctor said so, and you could go see Juliet, but she's still in coma.” My mother replied, not looking up from her magazine.

“Good enough, get me a wheelchair, please.” I looked around, Ryan or my father was no where to be seen. My mom quickly got up and left. She returned and sat me up, and placed me into the chair. I wheel myself to the room number. When I got there, no one was in there. I wheel in and went to the bedside. I pushed a button too make her lower. When she was low enough her beautiful face was bruised and scratched, I grabbed her hand. Tears were falling from my face.

“I miss you, a lot. Please wake up, I can't survive with out you, my Angel. Juliet Marie, please wake up. It's been two weeks now!” I put my head on her hand, “I love you, Juliet Marie Clarke.”

This carried on for a week, I would talk about memories, and how school was without her. Yeah, I was let out the next day. One Friday, I went there, when I reached her room she wasn't there. “Nurse!? Anyone!?” I called out, a nurse rushed to my side.

“Yes, how may I help you?” she quickly replied.

“Where's Juliet?” I said, firmly.

Her head was low, “Sorry, but she passed away an hour ago..” tears started to fall from my face, she is now my Angel in Heaven, watching over me, her family and friends. I fell to the floor, letting my crutches fall, I hit the floor with a loud thud. They had to call my mother and father to come and get me.

Couples day later, the funeral would be on. I was chosen to talk at the services. When I was called up, I couldn't remember what to say.

“Juliet Marie, was my love. My Angel, she was a care free, optimistic, lovable, funny, inspiring women. That's what made me love her. She was nice to every one, her laugh, her long hair flowing in the wind, when she smile it would make my heart race. When she hugged me, she would give me butterflies. Being with her, before she was put where she is what amazing. I will never forget the thing that we had in common, we were crazy in love with each other. We had a lot of plans we never go to do.” I took a breath, tears were sliding down my cheeks, “Juliet saved me a lot, without her I wouldn't be here. But I am going to live for her. I will miss you, and always love you. You are now my Angel, looking down at us.” I finished, and looked at the coffin, and placed my hand on it. “Juliet, we will see each other soon.” I whispered and left the church. I walked to the beach we were last at. I placed and big board where we last saw each other, it read: Juliet Clarke, I love you, my Angel. Thanks for the memories. With that done, I walked away, and I tried to move on..

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