Halloween Nigth

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The night started as a halloween dinner with friends, but strange signs seem to tell me the night will be more than that...

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




We’re driving between the green trees, which form a arch over our heads, leaving us with the feeling where’re being guided through a magic path. Further ahead we can see, through the dense vegetation, what appears to be the towers of a fairy tail castle. I almost expect to see Tinker Bell passing by cheerfully, doing her pranks…


Far away I can see a bonfire shining at the top of the hill, maintaining a live flame, even though the rain pounds stronger and stonger. My friends remind me of the rituals which are still practiced around here… I picture dust being thrown to the fire, keeping that crackling and mysterious flame…


We get to the small village, following the narrow streets, right, left, forward, right. We stop by the old bandstand, I imagine it as an old silent and patient witness of love and loss of it, revolutions and conspiracies, pagan dances and corteges in behalf of saints. Many cars are stopped, one empty spot, one only, as if reserved for us.


We go in, a Master of Cerimonies waits for us, dressed up. His eyes immediately strike me, I feel the wind pounding in my back, the door behind me closes with the strength of the wind.


We walk to the table, a werewolf sneaks into the room, while I seat in front of a spider walking through the table, and which strangely seems to look at me as if I were a prey… For a brief moment, I need to remind myself this is Halloween, the monsters go out today, it’s the only day they can walk freely, without scaring the mortals…


They bring the menu for tonight, which distracts me from these intriguing feelings that have since I’ve arrived. As an entry, Tentacles of Sea Monster Salad, bewitched with olive oil. It follows Breast of Winged Dragon with goblin fruits soaked in Mystery Potion. These way we move up to the desert, Pie with Enchanted Fruits, with scrapes of bat wing.


Around, the werewolf keeps walking, talking calmly with a vampire, who seems to be ready to fly through the night searching I’m not sure what for…


We take a walk by the garden, where air suspended pumpkins illuminate this space where the night thickens – I wonder how they did this trick… They bring us a cup, we’re told it is Wizards Tears, a rare néctar, and we must taste it, for we will never forget the flavour of that exotic drink. I start to taste it, I allow that flavour to take over my lips, I feel a mix of sweet and pepper, boiling in my skin, inviting to drink more. I take a chance and I feel a fire burning my throat, moving through my muscles, I feel as if a vortex is pulling me and I loose senses…!


I wake up with voices around me, they seem far away, as if there was a glass between us… I open my eyes and I see that yes, there is a glass, around me, round, with ruby filigree... like the ones in the glass I’ve just drunk from… I see the Maître’s face in front of me, a giant… No, he’s not a giant, I’m the one who’s tiny, inside the cup they’ve offered me. Still half asleep with all this new feelings, I try to understand what is going on, I can see that I won’t reach the top, still not understanding how I will get out… The Maître says “You can’t get out”, as if he guessed my thoughts. My strength is coming back, and I pound the glass, what is going on, where are you taking me, answer me…


I gives me to other hands and I see in front of me those disturbing eyes who caught my attention earlier in the night… Looking at him closer, I feel my body going to sleep, I stay still, caught in those eyes… You drank the Wizards Tears… When I saw you, I knew you would try them… What do you want from me? How did this happen…? I’m asking questions, with confusion, fear, that feeling that I can only be dreaming… Wizards Tears are powerful, the one who drinks them stays a prisoner of the one who served the cup… Why do you want me as your prisioner? His eyes kept firm on me, as if fascinated with me, more than I was with all that, I no longer felt fear, but I felt as if I was hypnotized…


I won’t harm you, I’ve putted you in this cup because I want to look a t you, one day I was like that, and I lost who I was… Who you were? I’ve been human once and with my eyes full of hope like you, I’ve become a creature of the night and I didn’t remembered how it was before… I want to take you with me, I can look at you for hours and hours, can you give me back some of what I was before…?


I was suspended in those words, in those suffering eyes… You don’t need me to remember what it’s like to be human, I told him, if that wasn’t still inside you, you wouldn’t have recognized it when you looked at me, I would be indifferent to you, just another mortal… I know you remember, and I know you remember we cannot lock down hope, because it will die…


You’re right, I can’t keep you here… He moved his hand through the cup and again a vortex pulled me, this time out of the glass. Thank you, I said, and not sure of what I was doing, I grabbed his hand, huge, with claws, scary… For a moment I saw, I saw who that imaginary creature had been once… I saw he was a man with dreams, joy and, yes, hope… I saw how he lost all that, how he became one of our deepest fears…


I felt like staying there for a bit more, even though he told “You’re free, you can go away, no one will stop you.” I’ve stayed, a while more, reminding him of all the little things that make humans happy, I saw his eyes sparkle, he heard everything and he said, “I need to leave, only in Halloween we can be among the humans, the night is almost at it’s end.”


“Can I came back next Halloween?”, I asked. I didn’t wait for the answer, “I will see you a year from now, I will be here”, and I got out, free, the same way I had arrived.

Isa Lisboa, Nov.2011

© Copyright 2018 Isa Lisboa. All rights reserved.

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