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An unrequited love can hurt, but Bella learns that it's okay and moves on.

Submitted: October 17, 2014

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Submitted: October 17, 2014



Hey. If I gave you my heart, would you take it with open arms?

You're the only one for me.

And the only one I see.

You're the shining light in the dark.

The key to my heart.

I am yours.

He ceases the glorious melody by finishing up the final chords. He pauses before turning his head. "Do you think she'll like it?"

I smile a small smile. "She'll love it."  My heart aches. I watch his face light up with my response.

"Great! I'm so glad you like it!" He smiles down at his guitar softly, his white teeth show a bit from his lips. "I'm excited to ask her out. I can't wait."

I hold back. It makes me upset to hear those words from his mouth. I question him, "Why do you like her? What is it that you like about her?"

"Well," he turns back to me, eyes locking on mine, "She's beautiful. Both inside and out. She's sweet and kind and caring. She's loyal and gentle. She's funny and smart and supportive. She's the girl that got my attention. And I've grown to love every thing about her. From her flaws to fortes."

At first, I am left speechless. He seems so passionate and loving; the type of love that I have always wanted from him. "You really like her huh?" I ask.

"It stopped being like a long time ago," He looks away, peering out into what seems like the unknown. Where he is looking to, there is a beach. The sun's orange rays make the sand appear pink. The waters are calm and you can faintly hear the seagulls chirping in the distance. The center point though, is the glowing horizon that reflects off the blue waters of the Pacific coast. He directs his attention towards me finishing his thought simply with, "I love her."

I take in everything he has said. Pain and anger and lonliness is slowly tear my heart away piece by piece. As if you were picking up a puzzle.

"Thanks for listening Bella!" He picks up his guitar and places it gently into its case. "I'm so happy I got your opinion beforehand. Now I feel more confident than ever!!"

I manage to muster a "No... problem." 

"I hope she says yes!" He gets up. "Well, I'll see you around."

I watch him walk off. He walks off like a hero going into battle with more than enough belief he will make it out alive. My eyes water and tears stream down my face. I love him so so much. But what sucks is how he is in love with someone else.

I put my face in my hands, fighting back tears. Why do I have to feel this pain? Why did I fall for him in the first place? It's like walking smoothing and then falling hard to the ground. It hurts so much. There have been sleepless nights and the long sessions of romance songs that stream from my phone. And I felt happy. Of course a Taylor Swift somg goes on and I just flat out start to cry. But even then, I still like her. 

There was so much belief that maybe he liked me; maybe I could be the one he ends up loving forever. I hoped. But as it is now, it appears like false hope.

I lift my head up, eyes closed. I focus on the faint noises of the waters. Their calming waves can't even control this heart which is roaring like a storm. I open my eyes. My makeup is smudged; eyeliner smears my face as if I were a zombie and the foundation I was wearing is completely washed away from my tears. I look like a hot mess.

"I regret loving you." I whisper. 


I look up and towards the sound of the voice. It's him.

"Bella are you okay?" He runs up to me and embraces me. "Why are you crying?" 

I can't hold it back. I just cry into his shoulder. I feel like such a baby.

"It's okay. I'm here." He pats my head. His hand is so comforting on my back.

I push him away, my eyes to the floor. "Why are you back?"

"I forgot my guitar pick." He picks it up from the wall where he once was sitting. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. I'm just thinking about some things." I look up and force a smile. "Go on ahead. She's waiting for you."

"I can't just leave you here!" He says.

"It's fine. I'll be fine. You just go. Please!"

"But-" He starts to say.

"She's important to you. And she'll get the wrong idea if you're comforting me like you're my..." I pause, looking away, "boyfriend."

"She's super important, but I can't leave you here by yourself. I wouldn't be a gentleman then." He sits down next to me. He takes the guitar case off of his back and opens it. Pulling out his guitar, he begins to play. A song. A song I've never heard him play.

If you need a friend, to hold your hand, I'll be the one to grab it now. Hmm.

If you need a song, to sing along, I'll perform it, to make you smile, again. Yeah again.

And even though pain stings the most

I'll be there to heal the wounds

Because you're my precious friend. My friend.

 I'll be here, I'll be there

When you say the word, I'll rush right over 

You make me laugh and smile and sing

And brighten up my day with everything you do

Oh you do 

And even if we're far apart, we can still have a heart to heart

Because you're my precious friend

Because you are my precious friend. Hmm yeah.

I wipe my tears away. If a friend is the closest thing I can be then I'll be the best friend he could ever ask for.

"Thanks," I say. "That really helps."

"I'm glad." He puts his guitar away. "I'll see you around." He smiles that bright smile. 

"Okay." I respond. He looks back and smiles again. I wave to him with a smile. A brighter smile.

A smile that seems so simple but means this: if I can't have you now then that's okay. I'll be just your friend. And if it's meant to be, then you'll find me again one day. But until then, I'll smile brighter and remember that I loved you. And that I should never regret loving you. Because an unrequited love is something that is much more than it is. An unrequited love is my feelings; the feelings that I only had for you. And I will use them to move on and push forward. But not forget you. Because you were my everything.

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