Spiders Web Skills

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One day at a friends house I was watching a spider above my head dangling from the lampshade and I wondered how....

I have finished illustration artwork for this childrens poem in colour and hope to have it published into a book soon. The photograph is a spider I saw one day in my garden. I have three other ideas for childrens books too.

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013





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How do you weave

Your web

The white thread

That has no enHow come it doesn’t get

Tangled up inside

As up and down you slide

And inside your belly

Is it all neat and tidy

With reels of white

At the ready

Or is it like gum

Gooey and spready

How come you’re so clever

Who gave you your mind

That you can spin this

Time after time

And you don’t get stuck!

Have you sticky-proof legs?

You’re a beautiful mystery, Spider

As you weave your web

With your ever-so, magical thread

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