The Long Path

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I wrote this when I was in my 20's. Sadly when I was able to share it with my father, he had had a stroke. It was too late for us to start anew. Yet, I did get the chance to say how much I loved and respected him. This was never meant to be shared so publicly, but it is somewhat freeing to put it out there somewhere. I pray you never have to live with regret.

Submitted: June 10, 2011

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Submitted: June 10, 2011





I’m sorry for the many things I could not say or do

especially for the many ways I wound up hurting you.


I’m sorry for the path I took that led me far astray

The blisters from that rocky path left scars on me that day.


I’m sorry that I could not see beyond my youthful mind,

That father’s like you are one in a million and truly one of a kind.


If I could, I’d take it all back and start anew.

I’d live each and every moment, sharing my life with you.


Though I am grown and still unable to say;

I love you more and more each and everyday.


I’ll always remember when I was young and free to sit upon my father’s knee.

I pray that I will always be the child you loved so endlessly.


Maybe one fine day your heart and mine will be able to erase

The pain we’ve caused each other and let ourselves embrace.


Though we’ve allowed ourselves to become strangers,

There is something you should know;

My love for you continues to grow and grow and grow.

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