I Saw the Ocean

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I spend a lot of time on the Mexican coast.

Submitted: January 14, 2008

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Submitted: January 14, 2008





I saw the ocean’s swelling life roll away,

Even as the lunging surge drew near.

The sun glinted down as the water rose and swayed;

The sounds of crashing waves kissed my ears.


When the tide rushed in, it filled my heart,

Then it ebbed and I felt the fleeting loss,

But ever the ocean will be with me, and we’ll never part

And in my dreams I can hear the combers toss.


I saw gulls and cormorants take to the sky,

Their brilliance favored by the sun’s light,

the light that parades across the waves

And leads sparkling day into starlit night.


I saw the land washed clean by the sea,

Yet human footprints and others tell a tale,

For the beach is loved by those such as we,

As our tracks mimic a temporary Braille.


The panga boats and shrimp boats bob over the briny sea,

Painted as wantonly as ladies of the night.

They return to port with their catch and tie up to the quay,

Beating off the seagulls with all their might.


I think the sea today is gentle and the winds are slight

So let us set sail. We’ll pack a lunch, just you and me,

So our earthbound souls can be one with the light

And we can sit surrounded by the deeping sea.


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