The Warm June Day (A Ballad)

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A beautiful day in the country goes awry.

Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008




The warm June day embraced my soul

As I walked down the lane.

The flowers swayed to my lazy stroll,

My smile I held in vain.


The colors shouted loud and clear,

“We love a sunny day!”

Not far off, in a hayfield near

  A farmer was sneezing away.


Concerned was I, I jumped the ditch

And made my way to him.

“Gesundheit, sir, how you do twitch

Your eyes, also look grim!”


He looked at me and stared me down

His eyes fair watering.

His face not kind, he wore a frown

And said, quite blistering,


“Get off my land, you no good clown!

Be off with you, I say!

Before I come and beat you down

With this here bale of hay!”


Concerned grew I, I jumped the ditch

And ran away from him.

He gunned his tractor in a fit

His eyes still looking grim.


I hurried to my waiting car

As fast as I could go.

I had no desire with him to spar:

So much for his red nose!

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