I Care

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... Still the seeping, red, warm, blood
I play in it like kids in mud ...

Submitted: May 31, 2007

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Submitted: May 31, 2007



You ran away and left me here

Now fore whom am I suppose to care?

The way you made me feel inside

It was an impossible thing fore one to hide

But now that you have left me alone

Pain I now have truly been shown

Fore now I try to close my eyes

All I hear are my silent cries

I do not weep fore someones attention

No matter how many times they give me suspensions

It does not matter the trouble I get in

I like the feeling when my heads in a spin

I start to get dizzy and things go black

That's when I forget about all that I lack

The brains, the looks, the everything

Everything I should have been

I take my razor to my wrist

Yet again my veins i've missed

Still the seeping, red, warm, blood

I play in it like kids in mud

It doesn't hurt like normal pain

You must think i have gone insane

The pain it does release me so

Takes my fear, my deepest foe

It holds my secrets, every one

The yelling, hitting, rape, and shun

It keeps me safe, atleast I think

Even when I start to sink

I get so low I hit a point

So my razor I do anoint.

I give back to it like it gives to me

It helps me so I can be free

It helps to dry my fallen tears

Protects me from my scary fears

I thank you for protecting me

But now I must let you be

I found someone who makes me feel

Feel as though there's something real

He made me want to live again

And I use to think about what could of been

But now I see what I really want

You're just a tease, a little taunt

That's okay I don't need my knife

I'll get a gun and take my life

Sweet dreams baby, remember I do love you

And I don't care that you don't love me to.




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