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Being bullied

She walks into the schoolyard...she sighs because she knows its gonna be yet another day of not living but stricly surviving at school.

She walks to the bathroom and sits in one of the stalls,waiting for the bell to ring.Earphones in world off that's been her daily routine for the last couple of months.Its 8:30 am and the bell rings she takes the long way to her class just so she doesn't have to run into them.

The day goes on and try as hard as she may to avoid them eventually she walks past them,head bowed down because she was hoping that they wouldn't see her,but they do,as she walks away she hears the name calling,whispering and giggling...she can feel the lump in her throat ,she can feel the tears starting to well up,her friend turns to her and asks if she's ok and she does what she does best....she fakes a smile turns to her friend and says...\"I'm fine\".

That night she sat in her room,door locked music playing loudly so that her parents don't hear her long and drawn out sobbing.She rolls up her sleeves looking at her battlescars....these scars represent the heartbreak,hurtful words,misery and most importantly the mark that the mean girls have left...

She she starts to cut,this time much more and much deeper then before...but this time its not just her arms,she moves the razor towards her face,this beautiful face that she hated because of \"THEM\" but everyone else loved,then as pain shot through her body she moved the razor to her wrist cutting,and cutting...blood drips down her arms onto her bed and as she lay there she finally broke and as she did she finally realised she wasn't as \"Fine\" as she constantly told everyone.

As she lays on her bed,and as she felt her body grew weaker and so tired she wrote on a piece of paper with the last bit of energy that she had left the following words

\"Words cut so much deeper then they seem\"

Submitted: May 27, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Isabella Mason. All rights reserved.

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very moving - words can cut or heal for sure

Sun, June 25th, 2017 11:40am

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