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this story is about a girl named Brittany and she is a nija who trys to be normal but sometimes she isn't she starts to fall for Conner a nija who has killed alot of people will Brittany still love him when she finds out the truth about his past

Submitted: March 07, 2011

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Submitted: March 07, 2011





Dark shadowy figures run through the dark forest intent on killing. The thing they want to kill is a woman who is running for her life. She had done something the person they worked for did not like so they were ordered to kill her. They did not know why but they did not question the oreders for they were ninja and if they did they, like her, would be hunted and killed.

They were falling father behind and they could not risk losing her. They knew there was a cliff up ahead and hoped to trap her there. The woman theywere chasing also knew of the cliff but it was too late to change her direction now.She knewshe could not avoid deathforever but she wanted tomake sure her familywas ok. They had her trapped with nowere to go.As the woman turned around shesaw who itwas sent to kill her.

"Why did he send you?" she asked worriedly, "you are too young to have todo an assignment like this.""I am not too young I am 14 years old." the person she had spoketo replied. The person was a young boy trianed to be a ninja from the day hecould walk. A different ninja then stepped from the shadowsand a shocked expression appeared on the woman's face.

"So they sent you on thismission to." she said sounding sad. "Yes I was." hereplied. You could hear the sarrow and determination in his voice . " I am sorry. You were a greatninja. I dont want to kill you but it's an order." He looked away not able to look her in the face." I understand. Just make it quick." she said. After a moments hesitation the group movedforward weapons raied.

Whileallthat was happening another group of ninjas were lookingfor a man and hisdaughter. Little did theyknow the man already knew theywere coming and he and his daughter were escaping down a secret tunnel.The tunnel wasdark and damp. As they wererunning the girl heard the sound of crashing furniture, braking glass, and splintering wood. The girl wanted to turn back and save the house . She lived there her whole life. There were a lot of memories there and each sound hurt her more. At every step they took the more she wanted it to be a dream but she knew she would never see her home again. What made it worse was the fact that neither she nor her father knew why the ninjas wanted to kill them. All they knew was they were being hunted and had to leave.

Suddently a thought occurred to the girl, How would they find her mom and what was happening to her? That morning her mother had left saying she had another mission. The girl had asked if she could go to this one. Her mother had looked at her with sarrow in her eyes and said that she couldn't go to this one. She had said maybe the next one . As her mother had turned to walk off the girl had, had a feeling that. that would be the last time she would ever see her mother. Now that feelingseemed to be true.


It was dark to dark to see.Sudenly everything became light and she could see,it was morning and someone was walking away from her. She knew she should know who it is but could not think of it, in the distance she heard her name. she sudenly woke up. the teacher was standing in the front of the class room looking at her. "if you're that tired go to the nurse. I can not allow you to keep falling asleep in my class brittney". This was the third time she had fallen asleep in class. She had not been sleeping very well lately. Everytime she went to sleep she had that dream,but when she woke up she could never remember what it was about.

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