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this is about hannah a 17 year old girl who gets hit by a car and that the hospital she meets anna a vampire who starts to fall in love with hannah but will anna tell her she is a vampire or will hannah fall in love with travis anna's brother so is a normal guy who is hannah's best guy friend but is he as normal as he seems!!! who will hannah choose find out in my new story story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Submitted: July 01, 2011

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Submitted: July 01, 2011



Hannah's pro.


It has been 10 year's snice my accident . I was walking home from my babysitting job when my phone rang it was my mom she was probably worried snice mrs.daniel's told me to stay later that night and i forgot to tell my mom i was staying later opps! So i just let my phone ring I was almost home anyway. Then i saw a shadow following me ,so i started to run towards my house but i tripped and fell into the street then a truck came down the street right when i fell and it didn't try to stop, I tried to get out of the way but it hit me, my head hit the ground so hard I started to black out and my leg hurt i guess i landed on it wrong!


It was a long school dayI remember it like it was yesterday i had english and world historyhomework that i didn't want to do. I walked out of the bathroom and stopped worring about homework andbabysitting mrs. daniel's kids hailey and brain to the lunchroom where i saw juan luc and travis talking about some girl probably juan luc's girlfriend. I rolled my eyes at that thought i didn't want to think of juan luc so i sat next to travis and whispered "hey trav i need to talk to you about something importent can you meet me after school at my house". "yeah sure hannah ofcourse i can". I saw travis smile and i smiled back as i thought to myself maybe i could date travis he was so nice to me when montana my ex brought a different girl to a dance and broke up with me. He helped me so much the five month's i was so sad no one could cheer me up i was to sad. I just cried and cried.I stopped thinking when i saw anna travis's sister. She always looked amazing in her black leather skirt and low cut top. Every time i saw her i wanted to walk right up to her and kiss her. She was the only girl i everwanted to kiss or maybe even more.I slowly looked away from Anna hoping she didn't see me looking at her beatiful body. I tried to focus on juan luc and travis until Anna walked to her class. Anna had history when i was at lunch. I fanally relized that travis was talking about the homecoming game today we had to play the eaggles and travis was the star quaterback.

"hey travis you going to the dance or just the game?

"I dont know hannah no one has asked me to the dance yet.

why would you like to go with me?"

"yes I would love to Travis"

"Awesome ok i'll meet you at your house at 8:45 then snice the dance starts at 9"

I walked to my next class which was my history class and when I went into the room I bumped into Anna.

"oh sorry Anna are you alright I didn't see you there."

"Yes Hannah i'm fine thank you."

"ok good im glad I didn't hurt you."

I smiled at Anna and she smiled back and I started to walk past her but she grabbed my arm hard.

"hey Hannah wait ditch class with me I want to talk to you about the dance."

"ok Anna um sure I guess I could snice I dont have any homework."

Anna dragged me outside to her awesome black motorcyle that i thought she looked extreamly hot on when she rode to school.Anna then handed me a hamlet and smiled.

"Come on Hannah get on I want to take you somewhere where no one can hear us at all."

i nodded and took the hamlet and got on the motorcycle behind Anna and I held on to her waist tight,I could feel that she was breathing kind of heavy.

Anna pulled into a parking lot of an old building. I looked at her and whispered "Anna what are we going at an abandoned building? did we really have to leave school I dont feel comfortable here!"

"Hannah chill out ok you are fine its not like we are doing anything wrong I just want to ask you if you like my brother!"

"WHAT! well um yes I kind of like him yes!"

Ok well I just wanted to know becuase I like you a lot Hannah!"

I just looked at Anna shocked. Did she just say she likes me? I grabbed Anna's hand and I softly kissed her.

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