Its taken forever for me to find a good guy and then I did and now my worst fear is him leaving. And I realize I'm only in high school but it's still awful when you get you're heart broken.. and cant decided who to trust.

High school relationahips

Seem to be hit and miss

So many broken hearts

But I like the way it starts

Give everything I have

Then they change there minds

The boy I believed

Well trust isn't my thing

But I think that I am falling baby

Getting here as been a task

But you wear no mask

I dont want you to leave

Because you have made me believe Believe that there are good guys

So darling please don't leave

Please stay and see what I can be

Wait to see what can happen

And more than anything I hope

That this won't turn out to be a joke

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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