Mississippi Kidnap

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This was a creative writing assignment. We had to develop a character not only physically but emtionally etc. This is about a girl who get kidnapped. It is totally fiction based. But the story is in past tense and wrote in her mind set.

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



  'Whack' went the callously hand across my face. A whimper came from my mouth as the pain seared. The wooden door slammed shut and 'click' went the bolt on the outside of the door. I laid on the floor timidly as the burning sensation of my cheek rested against the cold cement of the floor. Beads of tears rolled down my red cheeks, slowly falling off my chin and landing on the gray cement floor leaving a dark spot. I laid there helpless, not wanting to move. I curled my small body up with my knees against my chest. I wished I was anywhere but here.

  After what felt like hours, I slowly got up and balanced myself. I felt a dizzy spell come over me. I made my way to a small, cracked mirror on the side of the cement wall. I saw my reflection, a girl I did not know looked back at me. Her hair was short and choppy. The guy didn't know what he was doing when he used a rusty knife to cut my hair on that dark night. Bruises played across her face like polka-dots. Her hair was as black as a witch's hat, unlike the brown that she grew up with. This girl looked unreal to me. Many days I spent looking in that mirror, cracked like my soul. I longed to see the girl I used to be, but I couldn't. My old life played in my mind like an uncatchable dream.

  I had no one and was alone as I spent my unending days in this musty aired cellar. There were no windows for light. The only light that came in was from beneath the crack under the door when my kidnapper had the light on. I did not know what day it was, not to mention the month or time. I crawled over to the wall on the other side of the room. I picked up the rusty, cold nail and placed it on the wall. I then pushed hard and dragged it down forming a line. I did this every time I thought another day had gone by. I kept track of the days I'd been down here. I assumed after two meals when the third came it must have been a new day, but in all reality I did not know.

  After hours of just sitting on the floor and staring at the wall, I decided to sleep. I had nothing else to do and knew at least sleep would pass time by. I curled up on the hard floor, took a long shirt I had found crumpled in a corner, and placed it on my body. I tried to arrange it in just the right way. The temperature in the room had also fallen colder. It was a sickening frost cold like being inside a walk-in freezer for a long time. I shivered as any warmth I had in my body slowly disappeared. My stomach ached, the bones felt like they would crack any moment. I was afraid of the person I was becoming. I had the sickening look of a very ill person. My body was pale as a ghost and ribs started to show. I longed for a juicy hamburger or a warm home-cooked meal. Slowly I passed into a world of unconsciousness, the only place I was free.

  I woke up with a start when I heard the door above open. The creak of the door rang loud and clear even in my dreams. I jumped up fast only to see it close as quickly as it opened. I opened my mouth to scream, but all that came out was a hoarse whisper. My dry, scratchy throat could no longer scream for help. I slowly walked up the stairs and found a plate of food and a bottle of water. The food was nothing more than a mere piece of stale bread turned into a sandwich. It was nothing appetizing, but I’d rather eat than starve. Sometimes I wondered why he even fed me. I assumed that he had a plan that involved me. I grabbed the water fast wanting to chug it down to soothe my throat, but I did not. I knew I had to conserve as much as I could. I slowly took few sips and placed the bottle down. I nibbled on the food, like a squirrel, hoping it would quench my hunger.

  Back in Mississippi, an amber alert flashed across the televisions of everyone there. The alert was about a missing seventeen year old girl. She was a pageant winner and southern-bell girl. It said she was last seen on the night of May 20, 2003, after leaving the mall in the town of Hicksville. She was last seen by her friends when Melody, the missing girl, left to drive to her home twenty miles away. The announcer then proceeded to say, “If you see this girl or have any information, please call our hotline.” A picture of the brunette, blue-eyed beauty appeared on the screen.

  I laid on the floor staring at the ceiling. I thought back on my memories of before I was kidnapped. I remembered my two best friends, Lindsey and Alexis. We used to do everything together. We swam across the whole lake behind Lindsey’s house and baked goodies galore in Alexis’s fancy kitchen. I was a popular girl, but my two friends were the ones I had always counted on. I wondered if they were out looking for me. I wondered how far I really was from home. I remembered our last laughs and hugs that we had shared at the mall, only hours before my fate changed. How I wished I could turn back the hands of time. My head popped up fast and escaping from my mouth were the words, “Is that Alexis’s laugh I just heard?” Then everything came back to me. I knew my mind was playing tricks on me. ‘How long could I continue on without going insane?’ I thought to myself.

  Back in Mississippi, on September 20, 2003, four months after the girl’s disappearance, a commercial was being done with a message from the parents of the missing girl, Melody. The mother said, with tears in her eyes, “Whoever you are that took my daughter, bring her back. This young, innocent girl has done no wrong to you or the world. Melody wherever you are, I want you to know that we miss you and are doing all we can. Come back, Melody.” The voice trailed off as the commercial ended with, ‘Sponsored by Governor LaShane, Melody’s father,’ written across the screen along with the amber alert number and a prize of $5,000 for any information given.

  ‘Screech’ went the nail on the rough wall as I marked another day that I thought had gone by. The wall covered in marks formed an uneven pattern and condensation formed in the lines. Some marks were sideways, some diagonal, some small, and some long. In a weird way, it was almost like art. There were so many lines that some even formed shapes like squares and triangles. It was like abstract art, something that could be defined and interpreted in many ways. To me every mark had a meaning of another day that I had been here. The water that formed in the pits of the wall overflowed and left streaks of clean concrete behind. I chuckled looking at the marks, while I began to count them.

  “198, 199, 200,” I counted as I reached the 200th mark on the wall. I stopped there, realized there were many more to go, and gave up. Two-hundred days of misery were enough to count; I did not need to count the rest. Suddenly, I heard the door above unlock. Light shined in and I shielded my eyes. I had not seen light in many days. My captor proceeded down the stairs and approached me. He paced back and forth around me. I curled up in defense, afraid of what he would do to me. He laughed a deep, wild laugh. It was a laugh that haunted my dreams.

  He started to talk saying, “Look at you little girl. You think I am going to hurt you? Well you should be afraid. Good thing you are still alive. I would not be getting all this publicity if you were not. They do not know it is me, but they have found some clues, like your car. Maybe we will send them a little video of you. The ransom money would really go up for you. Maybe I will keep you longer. The more they do not know it is me, the better.”

  He laughed and kicked me in the side with his steel-toed boot. He then kicked me some more while saying that I was a pet, an ugly, little pet. He picked me up by the back of my shirt. With a handful of my dirty, tattered shirt he threw me across the room. I landed with a crash against the concrete floor. I felt a warm feeling coming from my nose. It dripped like a leaky facet. The man took out a black, little camera from within his pocket. “Say hello, my love,” said the man jokingly. The red light on the camera flashed. He walked leisurely around and recorded me. I laid there, helpless. I raised my head sluggishly, pain throbbed in my head. The word ‘help’ in small whisper escaped my mouth, and then everything went black. All I remembered last hearing was that sinister laugh.


  Back in Mississippi, people sat around computers watching a video that was sent nationwide on February 20, 2004. The video showed Melody beaten and bruised. In the end, she passed out and a typed warning appeared on the screen saying, “Worse could happen to this girl if my needs are not met.” People were outraged and feared for their children. The state of Mississippi was in distress and wanted more to be done to help this girl. The girl’s friends and family cried and feared for Melody. The money offered to this video creator was raised to $1,000,000, even though they did not know who it was. The video played over and over in the minds of the people for a long time.

  I woke up with a scare. Sweat streaked the dirt on my body and some washed away. I lived in a nightmare, and now my dreams were plagued with them also. I dreamed that I was brought to my parents, but instead of him handing me over he killed my parents, took their money, and kept me as his slave. My dreams were no longer of my life before this, but of the fears that played in my mind. I opened my eyes and stars appeared. Tears escaped from my bruised eyes slowly. I just laid there because I did not want to move. My body ached and I felt like a rock had been placed on my chest. My body felt like it was failing. The man had been beating me more everyday. Pictures, videos, and voice recordings had been taken. Every time he said the ransom money was getting higher, and he wanted more. He was sneaky, though, because he was never in the shots. He took all his stuff after he beat me.

  ‘Stomp, stomp, stomp’ came the sound of those steel-toed boots on the stairs. The man was back and I knew what was going to happen. I wondered how many more beatings my body could take before it killed me. I whimpered not wanting to be hurt again. The guy circled me and said, “Aw, poor, little girl, you don’t look so well. Is our pageant girl wishing she wasn’t here? Does she wish she was back home with her governor father?” He laughed and continued to circle me. “This was not just a kidnapping, it was planned. I knew you would be missed. You’re a pageant winner, and a governor’s daughter. You have your fancy friends and car. You have everything that simple people like me cannot have! I followed you for weeks. I watched you, and waited for the right time to get you. I knew you would be going to the Hicksville Mall. I knew you would be with Lindsey and Alexis. You did not think that it was odd that the gas in your car ran out so fast? You were smart to watch around yourself when leaving the mall, but not smart enough. I cut the gas line just right so your car would stop in the middle of nowhere. I drove there and offered to help you like I did not know you, but I did. I thought you would be desperate for help but, you said no. That is when I got mad. You were ruining my plan so that is why I attacked you. I grabbed you fast and put a needle filled with tranquilizer in your body. It was so easy to do and get because my doctor prescribed it to me for sleeping, but I am not crazy! It was my plan! I knew if done right I’d be able to get a fortune in ransom,” explained the man.

  Tears streamed down my face. “You think I’m crazy? You think I’m stupid? Well I’m not! I’m a normal human being! I did the world a favor by ridding of another rich girl. You with your soft, long brown hair and those sapphire eyes. You loved animals and helping people, but no, I knew the truth! You were a rich, snobby girl, but not anymore. Now look at you! You are helpless with those hideous looks. You now know how it feels to not be rich and have everything taken away from you! Your father, the governor, got my family put in jail when they killed that girl. They were protecting me from that rich girl. They knew she would hurt me because that is what rich people do. The world is better without you,” he screamed inches away from my face.

  The man ran his shaky fingers through his greasy hair. His eyes darted back and forth. I knew he was not normal. I slowly moved and then jumped up when his back was to me. He was talking back and forth to himself and this was my chance. I jolted up the stairs and flew open the door. The light caught me off guard and I stumbled backwards, but caught myself before falling. I heard the man yelling and I started to run. I did not know where I was going, but I just kept running through the empty hall. I felt like it would never end, but in reality it was not that long. Years of working out made running easier but not in this condition.

  My body was weak with no energy as I fell into a room. I landed on my hands and knees. I heard his pounding feet coming near. He laughed and turned into the room fast, feet skidding across the floor as he stopped. Grabbing the back of my shirt, he screamed. I fell back onto the floor as my dropkick to his groin worked. I took in my surroundings fast and realized where I was. There was a humming coming from a fridge, trash on the floor, and dishes piled in a sink. The man groaned in pain but I knew my time was running out. Then my eyes caught site of what I needed on the counter. I crawled over and stood up sliding my hand across the smoothness of the counter. Pain flooded through my body as I grabbed the black handle out of the soft bamboo block. I pulled it out and the silver shined in the light. This was my way out and as I raised the knife my eyes reflected in the metal as big and wide as a wolfs. Maybe I had gone crazy too. ‘I can do this, no I can’t, yes, no, yes,” I argued in my head.

  The man looked up and for a second fear glimpsed in his eyes. I could see sorrow of a bad life. Then the eyes reformed into the menacing look I knew all to well. He laughed and said, “You wouldn’t do it. You don’t have the guts. I bet you do not even know how to stab someone in order to kill them.” I swore I saw a smile appear on his face as if he was wishing he was wrong. I looked at the knife and knew that he was right. Even my secret passion for watching crime shows could not help me in this situation. A laugh came out of my mouth as I ran dashed toward him not thinking about what I was doing.

  The knife plundered into his chest by his heart. I pushed it with all my might and twisted it out fast. The man, skinny and young fell to the floor with a thud. His eyes still opened showed the fear, he was dead. There was almost a peaceful, happy look to him. I swore I saw a smile on his face in that moment that the knife went into his chest. I looked down at him and then to the knife glistening with blood. Out of reflex I dropped the knife and it bounced back and forth before it landed with a ding throwing blood every where. My heart was racing and I couldn’t believe what I had done. My hands were covered with the evidence of what had occurred. I slowly back out of the room and walked through the rooms till I found a phone. With my hands crusted with blood, I picked it up and the date on the caller id said April 20, 2004. I dialed 911 and said, “I am Melody. I was kidnapped from Mississippi and I don’t know where I am.” The operator responded, “Your father will be happy to hear this, we all will be. Help is on the way.”

  I hung up the phone and found the front door. I pushed the door open and light hit my eyes blinding me. I was shocked to see sunlight again. I stepped out and breathed the fresh air, a thing I had not done in eleven months. I stood on the porch taking in the sunlight as the wind gently blew. In the distance I heard a police siren and a birds chirping in the trees surrounding the house. I let out a deep sigh of relieve, I was free from the nightmare I was living. My uncatchable dreams, of my past eleven months, were now a reality again.


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