A father is scared to tell his wife a secret, so he tells one of his closest friends his secret. But someone is listening.



Chapter One: Only Chapter

Josh was standing in the kitchen while his daughter was waiting to go onto the phone to ask her friend if she could spend the night. He was on the phone talking to one of his closest friends about a problem that he has been having. Josh's friend was confused on what was happening so he was going to come over to discuss this problem. His daughter was becoming very impatient and started to squirm.

"Dad are you almost done, I am very excited to ask her to come over." His daughter exclaimed.

"Y, yes," Josh said shaking his head  "I am done. Remember to ask your mother first."

"Of course father," she responded.

Josh walked into the living room and started to walk around the room, scared, frightened, and ashamed. His daughter kept asking him what he was worried about, and he kept saying to continue talking to her mother about it.

When Joshed friend finally arrived after what felt like hours but what actually 20 minutes. Joshes daughter started to talk to her mother about other topics that Josh didn't care much for and didn't pay attention too. Joshes friend sat down and apologized for being late because of traffic, but Josh didn't want to care and he wanted to get the topic that has been frightening him for a while off of his chest.

Josh told his daughter to get off of the phone so that he could discuss the topic without having to worry. His daughter shrugged and put the phone on the table and left, forgetting to hang up the phone. Josh looked at his friend in a frightened look and opened up his mouth, but closed it shortly afterward. His friend found it concerning for what he was about to hear and told Josh to just say what he was going to tell him on the phone and that he wasn't there to judge him. He told Josh that he was only there to address the topic and help Josh through whatever it was.

After Josh moved opened and closed his mouth a few more times terrified he finally said crying, "I am cheating on my wife, with a prostitute."

His friend looked at him and smiled.

"Easy fix," He said hearing a lot worse from Josh.

"All you have to do is stop cheating on her, just forget about it. Act like it never happened." That solution would usually be suitable for josh even though it would not be right. Josh always thought whatever happens just forget about anything that went wrong if not caught.

Josh's friend's face went from a smile to a feared look after he realized everything that happened.

"She's pregnant isn't she," Josh's friend said trying to bring out the worst thing that could have happened.

Josh didn't say anything but shake his head. His friend didn't know what to do so he just stood still. They both knew that they had to tell the wife because that would be the only thing suitable and would just be the right thing to do in that situation.

"We can't tell me wife though," Josh blurted.

"Why can't we tell," Josh's friend stopped for a moment.

"What, what what's wrong," Josh said fearfully.

Josh's friend didn't do anything, but point at the phone.

When Josh looked where his friend was pointing and saw the phone lying on the table, he freaked out realizing that his daughter was on the phone with her before she left.

Josh walked over to the phone terrified and picked it up. When he picked it up he said hello frightened.

"Hello," His wife said.

 Written By Isaiah Forest Isenbarger Ellis

Submitted: September 05, 2015

© Copyright 2023 isaiahellis1234. All rights reserved.

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