Falling in death or Falling in love?

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Amber Ray is your average tomboy. She hangs out with her four guy friends: Ash,Edward,Greg,and Andrew. She loves sports and hanging out with her friends.
but when she realizes Ash's secret, there's more at stake than just her heart.
Greg, Andrew, and Edward start to show Amber their feelings and she realizes how twisted they really are.
Hopefully her life doesn't get cut short just because she fell in love with a........

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



Falling in Death or Falling in Love?

I was standing in front of the mirror, moving my shoulder length black hair out of my face. I slipped on my hat that had Grumpy written across the top with a bunch of star stickers on it. My skin was pale and I knew my parents were wondering what was wrong with me. Truth be told, nothing was. I have my best friends with me and my whole life ahead of me.

I stared in the mirror and the mood ring on my finger turned into an icey blue color, the same as my eyes. Strange, it doesn't go with my mood, yet I do feel a little cold.......something bad is going to happen, floated threw my mind.

I just shook my head and burst out laughing.

" What's so funny Amber?" someone said and I whirled around to see Ash grinning at me by my door. I grabbed my iPod and shoved it in my jean pockeets before walking over to him.

" Nothing." I grinned. Ash was tall, dark, and I had to admit, handsome....pfft forget handsome, he's hot as hell! He was about 6'4, with dark black hair, grey eyes, and a grin to die for. I literally want to melt on the spot when he stares at me head on with the grin. I think I love him! He's your friend! Get those thoughts out of your head!

" So what's the game tonight? Football, Soccer, or Baseball?" I asked and he thought for a moment with a frown between his eyebrows.

" I think it's baseball!" he said and I smiled..........

............. Andrew, Greg, and Edward were already standing waiting for us at the field. I stood there while they picked teams with the otehr ten people there. I was mad as hell when they didn't choose me for a team, pfft guys! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean shit!

"Alright lets play!" one of the guys said.

" Uhm. You forgot me dumbass." I said, standing there with a frown on my face. The guy whirled around and laughed when he saw me.

" Your a girl, you'd slow us down and get hurt if we let you play." he laughed and soon everyone laughed, except my four best pals, who were glaring.

" I'm just as good as you are, probably even better." I said and there was a chorus of Oh's in the crowd.

" Is that a bet gorgeous?" he said, grinning at me, before he tapped my butt.

I grabbed his arm away from me ad twisted it and flipped him over onto his back and put my foot on his stomach. "Touch me again and I wont be the only girl here." I hissed in his face and he just grinned.

" Find doll face. You guys can have her." he pushed me towards Ash's team andI grinned as Ash rolled his eyes and smiled.

" Better for us." he murmured.

" Hell yeah, she's the best damn player." someone yelled, laughing..................

............We won the game, the score being 10 to 5. Everyone said I helped them win, But i assured them it was team effort even if I did score 7 of those shots. The other teams shot me glares, smirks, and someone even winked at me.

" Alright guys. I gotta go now." I said and I turned around and started walking towards my bag. Igrabbed it and pulled my iPod out and starting to jog home. Go in the Forest, a voice whispered in my head.

" Yes the forest, it's a short cut." I said outloud, andI ran into the forest even though Iwas going against my gut instinct. I was running and then I heard a rustling in the bushes. I stopped dead and looked over, only for a head to pop out andI saw blood red eyes, furry skin, and blood around the mouth. I heard something thud on the floor as the werewolf turned towards me.

" Main course?" it asked, although it came out as a growl.

I hid my fear and put on a brave face. " Like hell I'm gonig to let you eat me!" I yelled, and then took off running.I jumped between trees, around rocks, zigzagging all around the forest.

The whole timeI heard it's footsteps.....and then....they stopped. I stopped and panted with my hands on my knees for I had been running for almost an hour or so.

I looked around and realized I had no idea where I was. I was going to call out, but thought better of it. Instead I just went towards a clearing in the forest up ahead. I could see it from here.

I walked closer and my breathing returned to normal. But Ifelt myself starting to go into overdrive when I saw a furry body and then a human body attacking each other.

I looked closer and the human, who wasn't really human looked over at me. He had dark red eyes filled with lust, hunger, and want. His mouth was twisted in a grimace and I saw fangs coming out of his mouth when he looked over at me.

He hissed and I gasped, taking an automatic step back. This is so not real, things like this don't exist.

But they do, because I'm seeing it right now!

The werewolf stopped attacking and its eyes flashed to mine, I recongized Ash's grey eyes. Ash, I thought to myself, Is that you?

The vampire hissed at me and lunged towards me, I, shocked to be exact, was rooted in spot. I waited for him to hit me and then to snap my neck like a twig. Except it never happened. The werewolf attacked him and knocked him over, they snarled at each other until the vampire hissed and ran away.

I stared at the werewolf and he ran into the trees. I just stood there in shock, and then I saw three people walk out. Edward, Greg, and Andrew. I just leaned down on my feet, kept my head tucked down and stared at the floor.

Someone grabbed me and pulled me up with alot of force that I was surprised my arm didn't come off. Edward, Greg, and Andrew were grinning at me, and not the playful way like before.

"Let me go!" I yelled at them. They shook their heads and I tried to punch one of them in the face. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I felt a pain explode in my hand and I yelled out. I pushed away from them, but they pushed me against the tree, my head slamming against it and I tasted copper in my mouth.

When I looked up at them their faces were twisted in an unforgetable sight. It wasn't one of those, awe it's so beautiful, kind of thing, it was more of a ' oh shit I'm going to die' kind of thing. Their faces twisted until they were monsters and they started to push against me.

Their faces were ones of monsters and their touches made me want to vomit on them. They stroked my hair, my face, my hand, my stomach, and other places.

I kicked one of them were it hurt and quickly ducked out of their arms. I ran and ran andI could feel them behind me. There were tears streaming out of my eyes and down my face. What's is wrong with me? I should be braver than this!

I ran into a cool, warm, and hard chest and I screamed. Wouldn't you?

I kept screaming until a hand was put over my mouth. I bit it and then I heard a nervous chuckle. I glanced up and saw Ash, he was shirtless, showing off his pale skin and six pack.

I threw myself at him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He was wearing ripped shorts and shoes. That's it, how he was still alive and not dead from the cold was beyond me. I was freezing andI was wearing a long sleeved shirt, jeans,and a warm sweater.

" Did I see what I think I saw?" I whispered after a moment.

" What did you see?" he asked after a moment. His voice showed he was nervous.

" You, but..but...you weren't you, just your eyes. You were like part wolf. Was it true?!" I said and felt a bit better when I said it.

" Yes, i'm sorry I didn't want you to know. But are you afraid?" he asked and I shook my head. He grabbed my chin and pulled it up to look at him. His gaze was serious.

" Are you afriad?" he said each word distinctly.

"No." I said, without even thinking and it was true, I wasn't afraid. His face was so very close to mine, and I saw him hestitate, he looked at me and looked like he was asking for permission. I didn't say anything, I just smiled slightly.

Then his lips crashed against mine. They were warm and gentle against mine as his fingers knotted in my hair and mine knotted in his. It was pure bliss when he pulled away and I was kinda sad when it was over.

" I've wanted to do that sinceI met you." he said quietly, his breathing was heavy and his forehead was touching mine. I smiled slightly at him and then I heard a twig snap behind us. Both our heads shot up and when I saw Greg, Edward, and Andrew my heart missed a beat out of fear. I took a step back, but they followed me with their eyes.

Ash grabbed me around the waist and jerked me behind him. The other guys growled at him and they stalked forward. Ash turned towards me, yet had his eyes on them still.

" Run Amber." I started to move, but then I heard him hiss in pain and my eyes flashed to him. He was changing into a werwolf and his eyes flashed to mine.

" Run!" he growled and I stared at him for one long terrible second, and then took off running. I don't know how long I ran, but soon I was in another clearing. This one was empty and I actually knew alot about this one. I used to come here and hardly anyone knows about it. Only Ash does, butI don't know the way out from here, only Ash did.

I sank to the floor, my lungs feeling like they were going to burst and my heart kept pounding so loud. I felt guilty, I left Ash there to fight them by himself. I felt tears slip from my eyes when I realized howweakI was. I wrapped my arms around my knees and laid my head down, staring straight down at my lap.

I knew there was something about Ash that made me feel attached to him physically and mentally. It wasn't just because he was hot, although that was part of it, it wasn't because being a werewolf he had to have some kind of lure for his prey, no it wasn't that either, it was because I loved him.

" I love him." I corrected myself outloud.If something happened to him I was positive that I would know it. If he died, I would die right along with him. I could never understand why Romeo and Juliet killed themselves from the other. Now I understand. " I love him." I said out loud again.

" You love who?" someone said from along the forest edge and my gaze shifted up to Ash, who was only wearing ripped shorts.

" Ash, " I murmured, standing up and trying to make my legs move, they wouldn't they felt like jelly. He walked towards me and put his hands on my arms to keep me from falling.

" You love who?" he said again, seriously.

" I love you." I said, feeling blood rush into my cheeks as I said it outloud. I could feel him smiling and then his lips were on mine again. There was so much more passion in this kiss, and there was a tenderness I couldn't understand. The air tingled around us with such electricity.

He pulled away and I could still feel the burn of his lips on mine. I couldn't believe how much I loved it and how much I was missing til now.

He gasped out loud in pain and started to lean on me. I pulled him down onto my lap and laid his head in my lap. I saw a cut on his neck and his stomach was gashed.

" Ash! Ash! Open your eyes! Are you okay!" I said, holding his face in my hands and staring down at him. His eyes flashed open and I saw how dim they looked.

" Amber, I love you too." he said, and then he cough and his eyes shifted closed.

" Don't go! I just got you! You can't leave me! Please!" I said, his eyes opened just a bit.

" Kiss me please." he said and I leaned down and kissed him on his lips. There was passion in this kiss as well, so was fear, and sadness. My tears ran down my face and landed on his.

I pulled away and I looked at him. His eyes were shut and his breathing was uneven. After a couple of seconds it stopped. My heart shattered into pieces and I knewI would never be the same again.

" Don't leave me!" I shouted at him, hitting his chest where it was no longer moving. He wasn't warm, instead he was just cold. Tears kept coming down my cheeks andI couldn't stop them.

Something moved around in the trees and a sight so horrible filled my eyes and I let out a pathetic scream. It did no use, so all I felt was pain and shock and horror. It ran right through and it pretty much teared my skin off my body. Blood squirted everywhere and I was afraid. Because my soul was being sucked out and there was nothing but pain.

More blood came out, andI saw flesh drip.

I looked over and saw Greg, Andrew, and Edward. Their eyes were missing and blood was falling down their faces, when they opened their mouth to speak, blood gushed out and then a black cloud came that rushed at me it's self.

Before I felt as if my skin had been ripped off. Now I know it was, I could see each piece of flesh as it fell on the floor in a disgusting pile. I saw the little monsters running towards it and eating it.

Something grabbed my neck, and suddenly everything was in third person.

My head popped off and rolled on the floor as blood dripped everywhere and a scream still came out of my mouth, or atleast my mouth that was on the floor. This wasn't real.

Another ghostly shadow came over behind me and I realized I wasn't dead yet. When the ghost swiped it's giant spear and it pierced right through my heart. ThenI felt them grab my arms and I was pulled apart piece by piece.

I was knocked out.

I was dying and I was damn well happy. The little remainders of my soul dragged it's way towards Ash and I held him as his broken soul wrapped his arms around my waist. We both were practically broken in little pieces, but our love grew stronger and we both died right along with each other.

There was no more pain, just warmth and love filled my body. It was the afterlife after all, so I kissed him and then I remembered what happened and he disappeared from me, and I was all alone in the darkness, but I focused on his warmth and love and that made me feel not so alone.

The End

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