The Touch

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The cross of reality from being alone to being with someone.

Submitted: May 23, 2015

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Submitted: May 23, 2015



His finger swept over the 'F5' button again to refresh the dull beige screen he was starring it, it would flicker a little, changing around on a few words and colors, but not the ones he was seeking. His eyes were gazing at one name, it still haven't moved. He rubbed his eyes frustratingly, tired his mind and body was but he had to see her online, she had to log on before he could be able to rest. The other chat windows rushed past without notice, the subjects changing faster than he cared to keep up with, they weren't worth his tired eyes anyways.

Click, that 'F5' button was pressed down again, the screen turned a different color but the icon he looked at had still not changed. Offline, that one word that was torturing his tired mind. Had she maybe forgotten him, or worse, found a different place to log in? He let out a loud sigh, flicking his finger at the 'F5' button again. The same color was there still.

Seemed some had donated to the site, giving him permission to choose the theme of the website, as well as get his damn name on a 'honored' list in the corner of the screen. "XxMegaStylexX" he read out bored, man some people really didn't mind laying it on thick with their online identity. The colors had turned to that of a racial theme from another MMO, Dark Elves. 

He let out a long groan as he slumped down on over the keyboard, now not only did he have to wait for her, but had to listen to the damn theme music of the Dark Elf race. He could mute but then he wouldn't get an alert message if she was suddenly there. The low sound of the building up soundtrack could be heard, and refreshing the page just restarted the damn theme again.

He flipped in to a small lobby, the names were all of previous members of his order or groups, luckily hers was there too, but this lobby had been empty for a long time and only visited rarely. Remnants, was all they were of a great time, well many great times that is. 

At least he wasn't tortured as much in this custom lobby, he held the permissions to change the theme and the damn music, "donators shouldn't be permitted to change themes" he muttered out while flicking through an already existing play list.

The night drew further across the sky and his mind, eyes setting heavy and this time it was really troublesome. His head had already slammed down in to the keyboard twice, quite painful statement not to fall asleep at the computer but he couldn't leave yet.

All though his concentration and many attempts to stay away, his eyes closed silently in, this time without the loud bonk on the keyboard. His breath was unsteady, shuttering a little now and then as he was carried away from the awakened realm and to his own dreams.

The mind of a wandering soul is so adventurous, you could never plan what would happen behind the curtains of sleep and dreams. Within the realms of dreams and wonders, there one could be more than what one was in the real world. The hero of a people or what about the savior of lands, ruler of many or feared of all? The dreams were almost like games, except you were fully merged in to these thoughts.

His own dreams though, the were not as linear as others could be seen, in his he was no hero alone. He was a knight among many, or the wise man giving advice - one dream he was even just the damn horse of the hero. He never knew how to explain those dreams to the psychiatrist, that is why many of his dreams of fantasy as well as real life was always kept so secluded to one side of his mind.

Within this realm, he was right now slumped in a castle hall, tired and exhausted after a joust with the captain of the guards. Another realm he always found himself traveling too. A realm where all were simple, he would love to live here, if it weren't for his need of having internet nearby as well. 

The captain swung his sword around, stretching his arm out before taking a 'high guard' stance. His plated feet firmly placed in a more honorable stance of sword fighting. The massive silvered blade was just gently swaying above his head.

"So, Jarred? Tired already? We're only had three clashes" the captain spoke softly.

His eyes glanced up from the resting position of the seat, in this realm he did not even carry his own name. Jarred was one of hundreds of personalities, here Jarred was nothing more than just another knight guarding the keep, ruled by a king of swift command and judge.

Jarred flexed his fingers a few times before taking a firm grip at the resting hilt of his blade, one of his favorite ones. Silvered sword with a pure handle if not silver as well. Taking a stand in his armor wasn't as easy as in the movies, he needed to use his word and the chair itself to push his body up on its feet. The plated armor was steel grey, worn but not broken yet.

Another of his preferred images, to be the worn out person with a spark of hope at heart when needed.

"Thought you never asked, captain" Jarred spoke out clearly.

His sword was swung around a little by force, the weighted weapon could cut through almost everything as he presumed to take the 'high guard' as well. The two-handed blade nesting comfortably in his grasp. The steel worn plated boots scratching along the tiles a little to take the stance, a little side stepped, sword high and one foot light to be ready to either dodge or take his first strike.

The two kept their eyes locked on each other, slowly pushing a foot to the side, circling slowly around. This was a lot of his dreams, he attempted to learn as much as possible, even if from the realms of dreams. That is why they help easily a situation at his mind till he could grasp it in real life - daydreaming as all just marked it as.

He allowed his body to push forward at the speed of his blade falling towards his target, the captain tilted his sword to parry the strike of the blade. The clash of metal screeched through his dreams as suddenly the captain faded before him, allowing the heavy blade to slide in to the moist soil, even the keep itself had faded.

His blue eyes held confusion of them, his dreams normally did not turn out like this, not even if they were transforming in to a nightmare. All around him, his gaze could not see an end to the dark shroud covering this little field of grass.

Slowly and increasingly, his chest started heaving for air faster and faster, this felt like a moment he sometimes was struck with in real life. How could this come in to his dreams, he has not had a nightmare since he was 5, and suddenly there it all tumbles in on his dreams. Darkness, loneliness.. Solitude..

He fell to his knees as he attempted to allow his mind to keep up, giving it a moment to count with him. His heaving chest was only covered by the fact that he still wore his armor, in real life he bet he would almost look like a dog with a nightmare, at least that is how it felt.

All his nerves and thoughts shriveled slowly apart, shaking on the patch of grass as he couldn't wake nor find understanding of the events, a light tear running from his left eye. 

The same tear slowly crossed his skin in real life, rolling down his cheek slowly.

Shivering and shuddering to himself, he looks about, hoping to not fall in to a darker set of mind. His vow stands strong now and forever, the other kinds of thoughts was not an option anymore, it was once though and could still lure him close but not all the way.

Then within one moment, the dark and cold, even all the muscles his body could hold - frozen. His blue eyed gaze was locked in place at a small shine within the dark, and quickly his senses was rewarded with the event too. Along his cheek, a warm hand suddenly held it. The touch of smooth warm breath along his ear, the gentle feeling of hair slowly running along his head. Another hand softly sliding along his torso. 

His world felt empty before the light had appeared, the embrace of warmth, the scents of another being existing to share his life with. For the being to share its life.

He nuzzled his cheek in to the grasp of the hand. Breathing calmly, slumping a little together as the armor withdrew itself slowly, shattering or peeled off. The feeling suddenly felt more intense to his senses. All of his senses screaming to the brain to not bring them out of this sensation. To not pull them from the feeling of touch.

Slowly his eyes close in to the sensation of the warm, loving touch. The calming feeling taking his being from his dreams and back to the real world, but the sensation was still there.

His left eye opened slowly and didn't see much but a few buttons along his keyboard, nudging his head a little at the keyboard, the alert tone for sticky keys beeped. He groaned out but was quickly intercepted by a light giggle.

He turned his head lightly, the first thing catching his gaze was a smile, inviting him to turn his head more to finally have his eyes meet her. This wasn't just a name saying online, a light beep or a message, she was here with him.

She kissed his ear softly, stroking his hair as his head fell to the keyboard, relaxed and not a shred of sleep calling him back yet. She was here, his light was finally no more a name pixel character, or chat box. No more a voice along, this wasn't HD, FULL HD or 3D but the real feel, the real touch of warmth and embrace of love. The scent of not being alone, the feeling of the darker walls being lit up once more.

He nuzzled against the touch of her hands, gently sliding his hand in hers, warm to the touch.

"W-waited for you to log on.. " He murmured tiredly.

She giggled and kissed his cheek gently before giving him a close hug, the warm embrace of her being.

"There is no need to wait anymore..." She spoke softly.

Her breath calmly following his as they are both slumped over the desk, hands not letting go.

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