Le Mort (part one)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
When he comes for you everything seems strange...He brings your nightmares to life and make you remember.

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



The girl rushed in agony into her office’s building…She was running late since the night before she stayed up late like she always does…enjoying the night that gives her a sence of comfort and security. She run in hurry to get to her desk ,she passed by the receptionist asked her if her  9 o’clock appointment was here.

“He’s been waiting by the window…I told him you will be here in a moment.”

“Thanks...I owe you one.”

The girl walked into the office space and across the aisle of desks but before she makes it to her desk she realized there was something wrong about this place today. She stopped and looked around…No one was there not a single soul, only papers scattered all over the place and the windows open allowing the air to lift the papers from the floor. She turned around and went back to the lobby to find the receptionist she saw on her way in…Before she stepped to the lobby’s space she saw the whole room illuminating…The whole floor white with only a huge glass entrance and only the receptionist there acting completely normal at her white desk in her white dress. She heard a voice from the back, she looked over and there was her ex-girlfriend saying a story.

“Have you heard about the man? The man that comes and takes your soul ? The man that sucks the energy out of you? “

“Oh…Danny…How I’ve missed you.” She whispered to her self.

From the glass entrance a figure of man came into sight…His dark grey cloak lifted by the air revealed his features…Although she couldn’t make much she could still see his gruesome smile and piercing eyes that made her feel unsafe and cold.

The man approached in fast pace…

“So have you heard about him?” he asked.

The girl stood there, shocked and silent, while everyone else was gone. There in the big white room all alone with a stranger unable to react.

“Are you the man?” she asked him.

“In a way…Yes.”

A chill went down her spine .

“My name is Mort.” He said.

“You know why I’m here don’t you?

The girl nodded negatively.

“This will be a journey of the past, present and beyond.”

“I don’t understand .“  she said.

“Why of course dear…no one understand me at first…but you have to know that this journey must be taken without hesitation or remorse.”

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