Solitude of my Own Deception

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A beast so willing to be controlled, is left unknowing…

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



There’s no time for games.

Nothing left to hide.

Misery found inside out.

A fucking toy dangled upside down.

No more sorrow.


Such a pig…

Admiring my dying point.

A moan even louder than before.

Just someone else

To grab by their balls.

No more lies now.


Empty trash cans…

Dissolving images,

Left alone I drift…

In and out,

Back and forth…

With no more faith.



Endangered by fear.

Fear of loving,

Also with fear of knowing.

A beast so willing to be controlled,

Is left unknowing…


This is the place I now must choose,

To hide,

Or to show,

Whatever I wish to claim…


I claim the bastards that I hate…

I claim the stupidity that I own…

I claim everything you have ever said,

You stupid fuck,

Would you claim your love for me?


The love is gone now…

While I am left alone…

Too sullen and dark,

Within my own deception…

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