Tell me again.

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Everything has it's good moments, but when things go wrong the answer is to run isn't it?

Submitted: February 27, 2007

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Submitted: February 27, 2007



Amen will never be my tone of intuition,

Just a hidden scribble of frustration.

Never in Irony have I found the correct words.

Those Same words you cover over yourself with.

Least we forget,

Those times well over spent.

Your shield was my strength,

To protect you from dealing with courage.

Yesterdays were never your thing,

Just something you held on for safe keeping.

Dramatic correspondence was your recover,

Letting all the Passion flow out.

Say things have not changed,

Proclaim to me an essence without shame.

You couldn’t, nor wouldn’t

Fight to save this, all of our moments.

Seizures cut loose with fear,

An unanchored emblem of your

Lasting love

Is gone.

Again we repeat the verses,

Collect new memories with other pieces

Of someone else’s heart.

A friendship forever, isn’t much for thought,

Now is it?

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