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Tear off a piece of my heart.

Submitted: March 12, 2007

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Submitted: March 12, 2007



Tear off a piece of my heart.

Shatter it into edible bits and

eat it for your dinner.


Use me as a game

and slowly throw

me away.


Play with me,

I’m only a toy.

Take out my

batteries, so I

can’t respond.


Control every step I take

then will yourself to

pick me up when I fall.

Damaging my brain,

you laugh at the pain.


Put things inside of me.

Pretend that you care, and

then slam my head into the wall.

Watch the blood fall.


Make me sick,

and then hold my

hair back while

I vomit.


Use me as fish bait;

call all of the sharks.

Let them ripe off

chunks of me,

then slowly I will die.


Use me for your pleasure,

then push me away again.

Watch me drift now,

and give a wave,

I’m gone.

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