Older and Wiser

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A short story about a girl who disagress with her mother about curfew, but her mothers early curfew saves her life from a landslide that kills/injures her friends.

Submitted: February 24, 2011

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Submitted: February 24, 2011



Older and Wiser


Hi, I'm Louise and I'm 15 years old and ruled by my mother. It was the 23rd of June 2008 as I dragged myself out of my bed and absentmindedly got dressed.I thought about the arguement with my mother the night before, it wasnt pretty. Myself and my mother aren't exactly close and we disagree on just about everything, including curfew.

You see if I could, I would stay out until 3am like all my other friends. My mum, however, thinks that I should be home by 11pm at the latest. So you see how the arguement came about.

Yesterday - which was thursday - I arrived home with the idea of going out on Friday night. I decided to sweeten up my mother before asking. First I tidied my room, hoovered, washed the dishes, did the laundry and cooked dinner. By the time we sat down to eat dinner, mum was very happy as I usually sit about doing nothing for anyone except myself. So after I had tidied the dishes away, I decided to ask her, as I was exhausted from all the chores and wanted to do no more! I put on my puppy dog eyes and imitated the innocent voice that my sister uses, frequently. I asked to stay out until 1am - earlier than i would have likd but a compromise -

"Where are you going?" my mother interrogated,

"Out." I replied blankly,

"Who with?"

"I don't know" Silence followed, so I questioned again,

"So can I go?"

"No!" That's when I exploded. Why the hell couldn't i go?! I'd done all those stupid chores! It was the weekend! Then I said, infact screamed at her, that she had no life, she was evil and I wished she wasn't my mother. I regretted that.

I stormed to my room, slammed my door and sulked. My mother walked into my room soon after. I ignored her, but she continued on to tell me that I could go out until 11pm and no later.

The next morning I walked through to the breakfast bar in the kitchen after fixing my hair into place. I opened the box of coco pops and made my cereal. No-one in my house apart form myself had surfaced from their cosy beds because my sister was in primary school and so did not have to get up until later. I packed my schoolbag, did my make-up and set off towards school. My journey wasn't long, but it is a chore walking to school everyday. The day went slow, very slow. My firend Rachael asked if I was going that night, I wasn't sure. The plans were to meet at Crow's Creek on the nature reserve. There were plenty of shelter and benches to sit on. We were to bring any alcoholic beverages that we could get our hands on and have a good night.

When I got home I decided I would try once more to see if I could get to stay out any later. Lets just say, I couldn't. My mum said 11pm or not at all and that she would pick me up. I tried but she just wouldn't budge! I wanted to go so 11pm was just going to have to do. I wasn't happy. I went to get changed for the evening, dressed up in warm layers upon layers of clothes and I also sneaked a bottle into my bag.

I got picked up by one of my legal-driving friends to go and I had a great time, everyone did. We laughed, we danced, we sang and we drank. Eleven was drawing in which gave my evening a splash of downer. I said goodbye to my slighty tipsy friends and then drove home in my mum's car. That night at about 1am I heard a large rumble coming from the direction of the nature reserve, though I ignored it and went back to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went through to see my mum watching the news..boring, right? Then I heard something about the nature reserve, my ears pricked up, a shiver went down my spine as I remembered the rumble and I continued watching the TV. The rumble I had heard the previous night was the sound of a landslide in the nature reserve on the seating area where six of my friends died and seven got seriously injured. My mother's curfew saved my life.

My name is Louise, I'm 15 years old and ruled by my mother, but I don't mind. She saved me.

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