Once upon a Basketball

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Amilia's dream is to become a professional basketball player. But there is only one thing standing in her way. Title is subject to change!!

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



This is a work in progress. Just a summary of what the story is about. Feedback is greatly appreciated! I need the motiviation to keep writing :)


Amilia Bickcil is an eighteen year old girl fresh out of high school. Amilia has wonderful friends and a great family. Amilia’s dream is to become a great basketball player, but there’s only one thing stopping her from enrolling at college. Amilia’s parents don’t make enough money to financially support her career leaving her without any option except wait. A loan would be impossible because it is too expensive and due to massive population poverty in Florida, financial aid is taking a very long time this year. Amilia is desperate, her future is going down the drain but she won’t stop there. One night, Amilia goes to her room and sits by her window.  She closed her eyes and wished she would get some sort of guidance that would help her achieve her dreams. She opened her eyes. At that very instant, a shooting star scattered across the sky. Amilia couldn’t believe she just finished wishing before the shooting star and now that it came by so fast, she couldn’t wish again. She felt doomed. She got into bed and went to sleep. The next morning Amilia tossed and turned all the way over to the end of the bed until she fell solid onto the carpet. Amilia opened her eyes slowly. She felt the carpet with her hands, and that alarmed her because she had no carpet in her room. When she finally woke, her eyes grew with emotion. She found herself in a huge room with a fireplace. A perfect room for someone who had money! Amilia was scared. She thought she was abducted, and then she noticed all the trophies on the other side of the room. They were all first place basketball NBA trophies. Then she looked into a portrait and she couldn’t believe it. Amilia was standing right on Aeron Diziamo’s carpet! Amilia was fullblown obsessed with him ever since he joined the Miami Elite basketball team. She was startled and confused. How did this all happen!? She needed answers. Right then and there Amilia heard the shower curtain opening. Was she really in Aeron’s room or was it all a joke or perhaps a dream?

Amilia will finally have her guidance in this bizarre, romantic, adventurous, story.


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