Burning Midnight Wanderings

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I've got a funny kind of monster in my closet...

Submitted: January 28, 2013

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Submitted: January 28, 2013




This disgusting thing that haunts me,
I found it as it found me
In secret midnight wanderings.
Freedom from it might be sweet;
Even so I savor slavery.

(To crave, to feast—)

At night I slip out and go find it which I seek,
Then—I stroke the firey claws of the beast,
Stoke it into ecstasy;
Higher burn the flames, consume me;
Pounding blood fogs everything;

Over and over I let it feed.

(To burn, to cease—)

When I forego my wanderings,
This flaming beast comes haunting;
Round and round it chases me.
Never can I get free
So long as it's pursuing.

All might be avoided if I slept through the midnight wanderings.
But it ever lurks even if I sleep,
And besides I like my beast.
My vows to stay away are pathetically weak

And when I can't sleep, and wander in the least,
The creature's flaming claws come seek
My pathetic vows and burn them like wheat,
Like a field of wheat struck by lightning
In blazing summer heat.

I am bound always and forever in captivity;
Freedom from pursuit it's never allowing.
I have a prince who might save me,
But—I wish I was sure, but—I'm not sure that I want to be freed.
I never tell my prince; all the same he knows, and weeps
Every time I slip out into the inky midnight and go wandering——

Oh God—oh God—oh God help me.

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