Things were Wonderful with You

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I think I initially meant this to be a song, but I'm not sure if you can take something as freely metered as this and use it as lyrics.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



In another world,
In another life,
When I was somebody else,
Things were wonderful.

Yes, they were wonderful.

The sun was bright
And life was sweet.
I drank to the dregs and
Danced beneath the apple tree,
And you drank and danced beside me––

Back when things were wonderful.

Things were wonderful,
Oh so wonderful.
The silver moon over
Sable earth
Was soft and cool
And I never felt any hurts––

I tell you things were wonderful

Before the world turned hell,
Before the sky fell in,
Before the tolling bells told me that the
End I didn't know existed had

And soon the snow blocked out the sun,
The bright and beautiful sun,

And all the world fell cold,

And my joints rusted, and my body grew old, and
Piece by piece my soul
Became old too

When I lost you.

But first the world was wonderful!

With you, it was so wonderful.

The summer nights,
The lantern lights,
And starry skies spread over us,
Arching, reaching, set a-dancing high above,
Drunk on hot, sweet happiness,
Teaching us the steps of Love,
Showing us the music's beat
And how to move our feet in time
And when to sing the lyric rhymes
And how to laugh and love and feast.

Beneath the apple tree we then would lay,
Pink buds of May set swaying in a breeze
That cooled our hot, pink, flushed cheeks and
Brought relief from
All the heat and dancing and merriness;

And dewdrops would settle over us
As we slept in each other's arms and
In Love.

Things were wonderful,
Oh so wonderful,

Until the day you left me
Under the apple tree,
Crying in the rain that came
And took away the sun,

The rain that froze to ice and snow,

The rain that made the lanterns glow with fading red
Like dying embers,

Rain that left me cold,

The rain that made me old and
Aged my soul far too soon,

The rain that came when I lost you.

I long for when things were wonderful!

That other world,
That other life,
That other self,
When I had you––

I still cry raindrops when I hear
The treetops
Whispering as they did when
Summer and
Were here.

If you can hear me singing this,
If you can hear the branches creaking in their
Heavy frozen casings,
If you can remember the sweeping stars
And August when trees were green
And how we'd dance and laugh in time
With the starry love-music's beat-beat-beat-beat-beating,
Then please! come back to me.

Bring back that world that passed with your passing.

Bring back the summer before the ice.
Bring back the sparkling lantern lights.
Bring back the spinning sable nights.
Bring back the sky, the sun, the trees,

The apples and the stars and the grass and the leaves––

My love! come back to me.

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