interview with her

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don't try to seduce her

She is from a slight town
she has a high mentality
imbued of a high culture and
to be a doctor or a cook
is her dream
she is not a lame to say
it won’t realize
she is 23 years old that
what she said while the conversation
this is just a part of her personality’s
she was looking at me
through a big eyes
with a frankly wide smile
she is in way of growing up
and still moving up
one of her hobbies reading that
she can’t waives the book
which is between her hands
till she falls asleep
or playing football who she doesn’t
distinguish between boys and girls
when you’re with her
you don’t hear anything
except a soft voice as it
comes from unknown angel
and a light laughing around
your ears
she is the girl that you can
rely on her
but never try to insult her
or dare to seduce her

Submitted: December 20, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Ismail. All rights reserved.

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