Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria...

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this poetry is about Palestine and Gaza and Iraq and Syria...


Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, Syria…

You know that you’re

Not in pacify

Your doves can’t shift

Just to fly

And your rivers are

Going to be dry

Your children feel

Pain just to cry

There is a crowd of

People would leave not


Where are you Palestine,

Gaza, Iraq, Syria…!

the fire ravaged your

heredity and land

and steam  polluted  

Your air and wind

The surfing lost smiling

Of the blind

And everyday we hear

Death of a child

No one can bear that

Drama just going to


But Palestine, Gaza,

Iraq, Syria

Will never surrender

Till the right reveal 

Submitted: March 17, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Ismail. All rights reserved.

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