A Not So Merry Death.

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An award winning story... On Booksie Yay! Faith sees her dead lover on christmas eve, but why has he appeared? And is he the person she really knew?

Submitted: November 21, 2013

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Submitted: November 21, 2013



A Not So Merry Death.



The worst time of the year for me.

It’s here again.

I sigh as I peak out of the window at all the people who are coming inside for our Christmas party.

Family, friends, and usually lots of strangers show up. My mom is known for the best Christmas parties on Christmas Eve. Our big mansion of a house is the best place for it too.

Everyone loves Christmas, apart from those who hate spending the money on presents or those who have lost loved ones round Christmas time.

I’m one of those people.


When Christmas comes around, I will shut myself in my room, turn out the lights, light twenty-three candles and I will rummage through my wardrobe and pull out the memory box.

The small memory box contains about twenty photos, three letters, an unwrapped lollipop and a small ring.

I will curl up onto my bed and take out the photos and look at each and every one for about three minutes. Then I will read through the letters and then I will hold the ring in my hand and sob through the rest of the night.

My Christmas isn’t happy and filled with joy.

It’s my grieving time. For William.

And I will grieve every year for the rest of my life. Because William was my love, Will was my fiancé, Will was twenty three when he died in a terrorist attack.

Will was the nicest boy on earth and he didn’t deserve to die one little bit. He was the one who danced with me round Christmas time. He was the one who made my life have a point.

He was the one who wrote me sweet letters and gave me sweet lollipops. He was the one and only and always will be.


I gulp down tears and lean my head against the window. I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes, okay now, time to go to my room and start grieving.

I turn around and gasp. In front of me stands a young man and he’s staring at me.

But I swear.. That’s.. Oh my gosh that’s..

I start hyperventilating with panic and surprise. I think I’m gonna pass out.

That’s Will.


He reaches out and puts his hand on my cheek. He has an icy touch and immediately I start breathing properly.  I stare at him, mouth wide, not being able to open my mouth.

‘Will..’ I finally squeak. Tears rise to my eyes as I say his name and I start sobbing.

‘Will ..?’ I sob out again, questioning, not believing that it’s him.

He nods at me, tears in his eyes.

I feel a sense of relief, that he’s here, and I jump onto him, wrapping my arms tightly around him, squeezing so hard that he surely can’t breathe. I cry and cry and can’t stop.

He’s back. Will, he’s back. He’s alive, he’s alive..


Wait. No. He’s not alive. He’s not alive at all.

My mind flicks back to the memory of seeing him in his coffin, white as a ghost, reminding me that something’s wrong. I open my eyes and choke on my tears as I realise the truth.

Will’s dead.

He’s a ghost.


Frightened, I jump back, alarmed.

‘Will..’ I stutter.

‘Will, you’re…you’re dead.’

He nods at me again. Can he not talk?

Tears build up in my eyes again. He’s still here.


I swing around, startled by my mother. She’s standing in the doorway, frozen.

‘Are you okay?’ She asks me, she looks frightened.

I stare at her, frightened myself.

‘Will.’ I say softly, and look back at him.

Wait, he’s gone. He’s gone! Will! Will!

I start panicking, looking around and calling his name.

‘Faith!’ Mom shouts and she runs over to me. She grabs me by my shirt and shakes me.

‘Faith, sweetie, calm down okay?! Will’s gone, he’s been gone for years, ssssssssh calm down!’ Nothing she says can calm me though, I’m crying Wills name and I’m struggling to get loose.

All of a sudden I see Will, standing at the doorway a few metres behind mom. He looks at me and puts a finger to his lips. Calm down, is what he’s saying.

I stare at him and take a deep breath. Mom lets me go, as I’ve calmed down.

‘Come down to the party with me okay? I want to keep an eye on you.’ She says and leads me downstairs. She walks straight through Will. She can’t see him! He joins my side as we walk down. I don’t take my eyes off him.


Downstairs everyone is dancing and laughing, chatting away happily while Christmas carols are playing loudly. A huge Christmas tree stands in the middle of the room, with so many presents underneath it. My mom lets me go as she walks over to some guests, leaving me standing next to the Christmas tree.

I look around the room, everyone’s so happy. I feel like I’ve stopped in time, everyone is moving around me, but I’m standing here like a ghost.

I realise Will’s gone again and I start panicking, but I don’t think he’s disappeared for good, so I just start wandering round the room, looking for him.

I stop by the window, as I see Will’s standing outside, looking out into the sky.

I don’t hesitate. I push past everyone in the way and make my way to the door. I open it and run outside, barefoot, still only in my white Christmas gown.

I run towards Will and when I get there I grab his hand.

‘Will, don’t go. Just stay with me tonight, please. Please just stay here.’ I gasp, out of breath. I shiver as the snowflakes touch my skin. My long, wavy, thick brown hair shelters my shoulders.

He looks down at me and smiles. His gorgeous, heart melting smile.

He holds onto my hand and starts running, I run with him, but I don’t know where he’s taking me.

Suddenly my feet touch something icy cold other then snow.

I’m on ice. We’re running on the ice that covers the large pond we own. I suddenly feel scared, I don’t know if this ice is safe.

Will looks at me and grins. He runs faster and pulls me along.

All of a sudden we stop. I’m in the middle of the pond now, I’m freezing, and Will is holding both my hands, staring into my eyes.

‘Will’ I’m so scared now, I just want to go back.

‘Will let me go.’ He’s holding me there, I can’t budge.

I start freaking out.

‘Will let me go! Will let me go now!’ I scream. I can feel the ice cracking underneath me.

He leans down and gives me a kiss. His kiss is so icy cold. Nothing feels good about it.

I suddenly realise something terrible.

This isn’t Will. This isn’t the warm, loving Will I know. This is a ghost. A ghost who’s cold, who has no heart. Ghosts can’t have feelings. This isn’t my Will. Will died, years ago. I should’ve let him go, I shouldn’t have kept holding onto him.

Oh my gosh I’m going to die.

‘FAITH!’ I hear my mother scream.

I turn my head around and can see everyone outside, screaming.

I realise Will’s not with me anymore. I can go.

I spin around and take a step when the ice cracks and I fall into the freezing cold water that takes my breathe away, that has so much force I can barely move.

I kick and scramble and do everything I can to get me out of there, but the water is so strong and so cold, that I have no strength left and I’m floating deeper and deeper down..

I open my mouth for air and all I get is a huge amount of water, gushing down my throat, choking me.

Suddenly Will is floating in front of me, he looks worried.

Wait, that’s not the ghost Will.

That’s the real Will, the Will who I loved and who died, He’s urging me on, but we both know I’m dying.

So he stays with me, and waits till death finally claims me.

And then, when I’m in the world of the dead, he holds me in his arms and we live together, forever.

I guess this isn’t such a bad Christmas, after all.


The End.


To explain – The ghost Will was something like Grim reaper, taking on her loves body to lead her to the place where she will die. The second Will was Will’s soul, who had come to lead her to the other side. Will’s soul was real Will.

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