"Sophia! Get down here this instant! Your father and I have some important things to discuss!” Sophia’s mother hollered up the beautiful marble stairs that go in two separate directions. One direction is where Sophia and her cousin, Gabrielle’s, room is and two bathrooms. The other side is two master bedrooms, more bathrooms, her parent’s bedroom, and a library.

“What’s up?” Sophia smiled.
“Grace this is ridiculous! You can’t tell her how to live her life!” Her father blurted out rolling his eyes. Grace glared at her husband and folded her arms. “Richard I'm her mom!... Sophia you can no longer see that poor..uh.. That poor African American boy let alone date him! Do you understand?” Grace shouted in Sophia’s face.

Sophia is 16 years old and is a typical popular wealthy beautiful teenager. Her cousin Gabrielle moved in with them in the beginning of the year because Gabrielle's parents took a job which required them to travel around the world.

Sophia has a lot of friends who happen to be wealthy also, but she befriends a boy who happens to be middle class and African American and they soon become more than friends. Her mom finds out and is not what so ever happy and tells them to break up. Please read about their journey to stay together and comment. I hope you enjoy!(:

Table of Contents

My New Friend.

This chapter pretty much introduces you to Sophia, Gabby, and Nick. Its how it all began. Read Chapter