Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

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Short story. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal."

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



The relaxing melody flowed past my ears, and into my mind. It was a slow beat, coming from the radio at a certain rhythm. I hugged my knees, close up to my chest. This silence has lasted through the last ten minutes; both Cole and I quiet, the only source of noise was the radio on the roof tiles. I sighed softly being first to break the silence between us two. But I wasn't left alone to speak, because Cole did first.

"She didn't deserve it at all, guess it was .. faith." I bit my bottom lip to fight back the tears in my eyes and was not capable to, Cole brought my head to his chest and I sobbed softly. His sweet coconut scent now up my nostrils. He brought a hand to my caramel colored hair, and stroke through. His other hand holding me tight; close to him. He whispered into my hair, and I didn't really listen.

"You know, it's the good ones that go first Mia." I looked up from his shirt after he spoke those words, which paralyzed my surroundings. For a moment I thought I could absolutely feel a tingly feeling on my stomach. How could I have such a horribly kind, understanding flatmate?Yes, flatmate. Cole has always been amazing to me, and he makes it so hard to be aggravated with him. He really does. I might take advantage of him at times, kind of like now. An extra long hug; but he was a great hugger.

"Mia?" His voice softer then the words coming. "You alright?" I nodded. "Let's go down.. and maybe, eat something yeah?" I shrugged, and he hugged my head once more. I brought my arms to his waist and hugged him, taking his coconut sweet scent again up my nose. I pulled back and stood up on the roof. Cole picked up the radio, and pressed the off button. The melody was gone and now it was time to go back to earth. He headed down through the railing, and inside the window to the attic. I on the other hand sighed softly, looking at the horizon of the sun slowly setting. The leaves dancing with the wind, the dog next door barking, the wind itself, it was all a melody. A simple melody. I closed my eyes and breathed in some fresh air through my nose. Then I was caught off guard by Cole calling my name.

"Come one M!" He shouted from the stairs, and I sighed sitting back down, crawling to the railing and inside feet first through the attic window. I turned to the side, a full figure mirror stood there. Looking at me. I looked horrible, wind swept look and my mascara smeared. I looked horrifying. I have no idea how Cole could hug me like this, I look like .. like .. a second Fiona from the movie Shrek. I sighed again, a little bit louder then I intended to, because Cole called me again to check on me.

"You alright M?"

"Y..yeah!" I managed to shout back and tied up my hair in a messy bun. It swirled, just like caramel, the color of my hair into a little hair tie. The as I put my arm down from tyeing my hair, the bracelet I had got stuck. This was no ordinary bracelet. It was the bracelet Lacey, left me with. The first day we met in preschool. She handed my the only bracelet she wore; the one her dad had given her to send charms every year. Then again, I don't blame her not wanting it, her father came home once a year, if she was lucky enough that year. But that showed me something. That she trusted me with something that possibly meant, or not a lot to her. I too gave her something; my ring that.. well my Godmother gave me at the age of six. It was important to me, because with that ring I wished upon a star to find an amazing home after moving here to California and my parents to have their best lives. It happened. They were happy, and we found a marvelous house.


* **


The house was pretty big, they still live on it. Thing is, I've moved out to college, and needed to pay way to much for a room. So, I've gone on the search to find a home, or an apartment. I didn't want to go back to my home, and have to disappoint my own parents with that money problem. They already had enough problems, and I didn't want to be another one to the addition. So I met Cole, in a local coffee shop. I was given his order instead of mine, and he got my order instead of his. Funny enough of an exchanged that's how I begun liking dark coffee so much. Either ways, we decided to sit together and have a chat; he spoke about trying to find a flatmate, and I told him I was looking for one as well. Well, a flat, or something. He and I agreed to split the bills, and live together.

Going back to Lacey, she was like a sister to Cole; and she lived with us. So yeah, maybe Cole lied a bit about the whole needing a flatmate part, but I guess my charm can't cut back enough for him. It turned out, Lacey never moved out of here, like I did to Italy. Once. And came back to live with her; Lacey had bleach blond hair, and it was amazing. It was long, and no split ends installed. She had the most amazing deep green eyes that seemed to make every boy she met fall head over heels for her. The long arms and legs of hers were perfect for athletics, and if you looked at her, you'd say she would do so; but no. She was taking a modeling and photography class. Which was one course I had with her. Lacey was such a great friend, like a second sister to me. I just wish life had a pause, rewind, fast forward and play button somewhere. I knew I could of stopped the accident from happening, but why did I go the wrong way? My instincts and guts properly told me to go her way, not mine. I was more wrong then a horse wearing cowboy boots. No, I was more wrong then men drinking water. That was slightly sexist, but it's true.

"Alright, bye then M's." She said with a small wave.

"Careful crossing the street." I said with a teasing smile.

"Don't worry, I'm taking this alleyway now." She responded, and right there, I felt my stomach rumble. My guts kicked in. She waved, and that was the last I saw of her. I ignored my stomach, and walked the opposite way of hers to get to the shopping center. My scarf getting on my way of seeing but it was fine. I awaited for the cross signals to change for us to walk, and then it happened. Seven g_n shots were heard coming from behind, screams as well.

"Oh Lord, what was that?" Said an old couple to themselves.

"Mommy! Mommy!"Cried a little girl.

"Someone call nine one one! There's a bleeding girl on the floor!" Someone called coming from the alleyway. The n my heart sunk into my stomach. I swear if I was not wearing a coat, you could see it two. I pushed the people behind me, and rushed my way into the alleyway. Unluckily the young man held my waist to keep me from going.

"No the ideal thing to do girl." He spoke, and I saw it. Too late. Lacey, lying on the floor dead. A puddle of bl_od surrounding her body. This couldn't be true. I begun squealing, and tears flooded my eyes. A faint melody from the shopping center could be heard playing from the silence that the street became. I was horrified. Eventually I broke down in tears on the man, he held he lightly as he let his coat catch my tears.


* **


Today was the day it happened exactly one year ago. Cole and I decided to take a moment of silence at that day and time every year in respect for Lacey. She didn't deserve it at all. I looked at my reflection once more and sighed, then Cole broke me from my zoning off time to reality.

"Mia!" I could hear his feet jog up the stairs. He walked slowly, pausing to lean on the frame way of the door and a faint smile played about on the corner of his lips.

"Eating anything?" He asked, I looked at him an nodded. It's been a year, and I haven't gotten over my like-sister friend's death. He nodded and spoke in a firm tone.

"Listen, I have some trout unfreezing. Dinner for two?" He asked, hands inside his white skinny jeans.

"Yeah.." I replied, and forced a smile. He nodded and left going down the stairs. I took one last glance at my reflection in the mirror and sighed softly. I ran to the stairs, and then into the kitchen. The sweet aroma of rice was in the air. Cole as usual, has his small Kiss apron around his waist hanging loose. It was black, with white words; matching his white skinny jeans and black v neck shirt that hugged his built body perfectly.

"Want help?" I asked, and he shook his head.

"Just with the table."

"Okay." I replied simply, and then grabbed two forks and kn_fes as well as some napkins and then set up the table.


Soon enough dinner was done and over with. The trout sent steam up into the air and fading as I cut into it with my kn_fe. Cole looked at me from across the table with a small smirk, taking a huge gulp from his red w_ne glass.

"Why so smiley?" I asked arcing my eyebrow, and taking a sip from my red wine as well; just a smaller one then his.

"Am not!" He replied, though smiling.

"Oh don't lie." I responded, eating the trout.

"It's simple, you."


"Yes you Mia." He replied, and stood up picking his plate up putting it in the sink for washing. He had finished dinner and I did not. I was always the slower one to eat between us two. Not if it was apple pie which I loved. Loads.

As soon as I finished, I put my plate on the sink, and washed both plates. Cole stood up from the couch and put our glasses with more w_ne and brought them to the coffee table. Habit he has. When I finished, I plopped down on the couch next to him and sighed.

"Lacey?" He asked my way. I nodded, and suddenly tears were brought back to my eyes just in a snap of a finger. Urgh. Cole sighed softly, and hugged my head. I knew he was laughing softly, I didn't hear it but felt the vibrations in his chest. I didn't mind with that, and hugged his waist. I was almost lying on top of him like this, but it didn't seem to mind him. When I slowly pulled away, I took a sip of my red w_ne. Right mine, the fuller one. Cole chuckled, and took a sip from the other glass then placing it back down on the coffee table. I don't know how many glasses we had, but at least three bottle of red w_ne were lost between us two; meaning gone. No more. All done. My nose was going to touch his, and I move to the side so it wouldn't make contact, and by the time you knew it his lips were softly on mine. Guiding me in every way, it was such a deep kiss, but soft in other words.


* * *


Cole's right hand moved along my side, and in the right places not making me feel fat. Not that I had much either ways. My hands sunk on his golden blond hair, and it was surprisingly soft. Guess all that time in the shower to wash his hair made it worthwhile. It all felt so weird, but oh so right at the same time. I could feel my stomach do flips and cartwheels, this couldn't be happening.

Cole slowly pulled his lips from mine, and my cheeks flushed scarlet. I could see his cheeks slightly pink, but his skin tone didn't let it show. I felt a small smile on my lips form, and I could see a hint of one on the corner of his two. He spoke, his voice hoarse.

"S..sorry." He spoke, and stood up from the couch. I didn't let him. I knew I was half dr_nk, and so was he. But I could feel a meaning, and his heart was all into the kiss. I grabbed his wrist and he looked back. This situation would certainly mean, a long talk in the next morning for us. He smiled a bit and I sighed letting go. He walked to his room up the stairs and I sighed.

"You are so stupid Mia! You had to mess it up, didn't you?" I thought out loud, and dug my hands into my hair.

I woke up the next morning on the couch, and a blanket over me. Cole must be up already, as soon as I made a move I felt everything go slow motion and it was bad, real bad.

"Already up?" He asked, bringing two mugs of tea to the couch, and sitting next to me. I had no words to speak, first because of the banging head ache I had from three flipping bottles of wine last night, and second I felt too awkward with him now.

"Don't need to talk, I'll do the talking." Cole begun, and sipped his tea. "You know, we were both a bit tipsy last night and at least two w_ne bottles- "

"Three." I cut him off remembering exactly.

"Alright, three bottles of w_ne between us. Split evenly possibly. We were tipsy, and it's not like it really meant much, did it?"

I cringed, and shrugged.

"It did to me." I can't believe I was brave enough to admit it. But I didn't like Cole, I liked James. My ex. Not possible. Soon enough, and this time not tipsy; our faces were closer then ever and Cole's eyes were changed, a deep deep green I could look into all day. Our lips met, regardless of the excuses and our noses. This time, I pulled back with a small smile. He knitted his eyebrow in confusion.

"You know, Lacey's death was a horrible twist to both of our lives, but I mean.. we can't be let down all the time for it and blame ourselves. You were Christmas shopping, and I turned the wrong way. But take this into thinking, our love, it's like a picture memory.” With that, Cole smiled at me and pecked my lips again soft, and then we hugged. I guess deaths stick with you forever, whether you caused it or not, it's still in your conscience. And as Cole said, the good ones do go first. Each death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love, love indeed leaves a memory no one can steal. What Cole and I shared for each other, was definitely something that can't be stolen ever from me.



* * *


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