Letter to Father Christmas

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A letter from a small boy to father Christmas wanting to make his family better.

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



Letter to Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas

Miss Shelly from school says we need to buy nice things for our family at Christmas because Christmas is about giving as well as getting. But I don’t know what to get my family and you are good at giving presents because otherwise it wouldn’t be your job, so could you help me please?

I asked Sarah if she wanted to be able to see for Christmas. She laughed and said that you can’t get that for Christmas so what’s the point of wishing for it and anyway she wants some new CDs. But I don’t know what kind of CDs to get her and if you can make her not blind, I think she would really like that.

I have got Grandma Lyn a hat because she is always saying she is cold. Miss Shelly said that we lose most of our body heat from our heads so that if we all wear hats, we will get less cold outside in the playground.

I want to get daddy something really nice because Grandma says he does a lot to look after Sarah. Sarah said he does but he needn’t do so much because she would be fine. Mummy said that she looks after Sarah as well and that Grandma Lyn was unkind to say she didn’t help. But Grandma Lyn didn’t say that and I don’t think mummy does help anyway.

I want to get something for Miss Shelly but mummy says we don’t need to. I have made her a card and drawn pictures inside but I still want to get her something. Could you please get her some flowers to plant in her garden?

I need to get mummy something extra special because Grandma Lyn says she is depressed and Miss Shelly said that means she is sad. When I am sad I eat chicken nuggets and chips and watch telly, all at the same time! If I’m allowed. Mostly I’m not, except if I’m ill. But Grandma Lyn says that mummy wouldn’t like that as much as I would and anyway it’s a different kind of sad. I don’t see how there can be different kinds of sad because you are either sad or you are happy or you are normal. But can you get her something very, very nice so she will get happy again?

Also the ads on the telly at the moment say to think of homeless people this Christmas, so could you please give the homeless man on the end of the street a house? I think he would like that. When I pass him on the way to school he looks sad.

And for me, this Christmas I would like a new bicycle like the one Ben has with the speed counting thing and the bell. And I know I have asked for a lot, so if you can only get me one thing, please can it be the bicycle.


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