They called it the end of the world

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I wrote this for an English lesson. could you please tell me what you think, (and please be honest) It is about the end of the world.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



They called it the end of the world-


(And they were right.

Not in the way people expected.

No volcanoes and clouds of ash.

No screaming people falling into pools of fire.

Or tidal waves the size of mountains.

No. This was much worse.


It was worse but also better.

There were no angels.

And silver streams of light.

That came down to save the good.

And leave the cursed to be swallowed up into cracks in the world.

What happened was expected.


It was expected but not prepared for

Only a few tried to warn others.

Everyone knew it was coming to this

But no one tried to stop it.

We sat still drinking it all up.


But after we drank we realised

The third world war is pointless

We are not fighting for anything now.

Electricity has gone.

There is no light to fill the streets that never sleep.

People die of a of a minor injury

That was easy to cure before.


And cure what we will, we can’t cure this.

Cars no longer run,

And production has stopped.

Buildings fall into disrepair

All because we can’t get the parts

to fix them.


And we can’t fix the world.

But instead

The world is going backwards in time.

Past the twenty-first century,

Spiralling down past the British Empire,

Falling faster and faster as years tick backwards

Then coming slowly to a halt

Finding ourselves in a medieval world.


The medieval world changes us

We fight in the streets

We starve in the dark cold of our homes

We steal, smash, and harm, just to get a fragment of the stuff.

And it was so easy to stop.

What have we done?)


-All because today is the day the oil ran out.

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