My Head Is Suffering

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Ever been heart broken? Yea me too. I wrote this poem months agaio when i was depressed and my boyfriend left me. I was extremly upset and ended up discoverin poetry. this was the first poem i had ever wrote so im sorry it probably isnt that good.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



My head is suffering Because of you If you remember why Then you always knew Laughing one second, Crying the next No matter your love I dont miss you yet Angry and disgusted With you I cant lie You hurt me badly I die a thiusand times I wake everyday to tears In my eyes I swipe them away Realizing your love has died I hardly eat because you Dont care When I was hurting before You were never really there I love you enough To let you go This time My mind will reject you You can keep your Pretty little lies I could care less If you release your grip Its already over Between us Im ready to go Through this I may sit and Wonder why But as I grow old I feel without you Ill be just fine I found myself Thinking of you today My tear staining Memories forgotten Of yesterday Haunting my dreams As I sleep I dream of you often Even when I Feel relief Tomorrow will be Hard but im not.... Dead yet

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