After October

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I thought of this today while thinking back on the support my mom has given me. Like last October after my bike accident.
Hey mom, I love you!

Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



It was the third.

And not a sound was heard,

as I pedaled down the street.

Five minutes later

I am lying on a curb,

after screaming,

and looking down.

I'm covered in blood.

My friend is freaking out in the street.

I keep telling her to call an ambulance.

She calls her mother.

Nice one.

The police, fire personel, and the ambulace crew gather round.

I still can not hear a sound.

They yell at each other,

trying to find the break,

where I hurt myself,

what could cause all this blood.

The ambulace ride is short.

Nauseated and faint, I'm wheeled into the operateing room.

My mother is there.

She's crying.

I tell her not to worry,

I'll be fine.

She just smiles, and holds my hand.

Then the morphine kicks in.

I pass out.

Two hours later.

Could it really be two hours.

No, it could have only been ten minutes.

My vision blurred,

my speaking slurred.

Like the college students down the street

after a party.

My mother is laughing.

She is happy.

I feel funny.


not completely connected.

But she stayed with me that entire night.

And the day after.

And helped my get over,

the emence depression I felt,

at the worry I caused everyone.

But slowly I recover.

And she's still here.

As a shoulder to cry on,

a rock in the storm

My mother.

The titan of the hospital.

Thanks Mom.

I love you.

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