Divine Interferance Scene Four

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In Scene Four of DI, Xena spends some quality time with the girls, and they all get to know a little bit more about each other.

Submitted: January 08, 2009

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Submitted: January 08, 2009



Xena and Co are still sitting in her living room.

Xena: So, we're all in this aren't we... stuck.

Melonie: Trapped.

Leann: Captured.

The three sigh at the same time.

Melonie starts removing a patch of skin on her shoulder. Leann lookes over at her curiously.

Leann: What are you doing Mel?

Melonie: I was diagnosed with MSRA Staph infection this summer. The hole still hasn't healed. She peals away the fake skin, showing a bloody and scared up dent in her arm. Leann gasps.

Xena blushes and removes a small silver chain from around her neck. On the end of it is a single small eagle feather, a heavily polished rock, and a maple leaf dipped in copper.

Xena: I'm one half Sioux on my mother's side. My tribal initiation is in two weeks. I don't look it, but I'm serious.

Leann laughes.

Leann: Is that why you're a pagan?

Xena: No. I'm pagan, because my mother brought me up surrounded by the earth, and my father was a devout Catholic. I hated that man until the day he died. Then my mom remarried, and they had my little brothers. Sweet kids, but completly out of it when it comes to nature. Steve's cool. He's Lutheran.

Leann grimaces.

Leann: You do know that I'm Catholic?

Xena shakes her head. Xena: Yes, but my father was very devout. He went to Mass every single day, prayed for four hours and physically destoyed himself for the one he called 'god'. That's not a religion to me. That's psycotic torture. I don't have a problem with Catholics. Just devout idiots like he was.

Melonie: How did he die Xena? I've never heard this story.

Xena (completly detatched): Loss of blood. Beat himself senceless with a flail, trying to repent his sins. Idiot.

Leann bows her head. Leann: Even I don't do that. I understand your hate.

Xena looks over at her, a sad smile on her face.

Xena: Thanks Leann.

Melonie: Guys, what are we going to do. I mean, nothing is going to be normal ever again.

Xena: Yep, everyone here's a saint and a martyr.

Melonie: Don't talk like that Xena... it gives me the creeps.

Leann: Well, we need to hide it from our families. They can't know. Xena, lay off the boyfriend for a while. Melonie, cell use limited. And I think we should call ourselves in sick...

Melonie: Good idea...

Xena: So now what? She picks up a remote control and flips onthe TV. Hey! Phillies and the Sox! Gotta watch this! Xena starts getting sucked into the game, yelling at the players at times and groaning at the score.

Melonie and Leann start to talk.

Melonie: So, how are we going to get out of this.

Leann: I don't know.

They sit there in silence, TIME LAPSE

Xena: MEL! We gotta go get our stuff.

Melonie: Yeah...

Xena: Well? Let's go!

Melonie: It's a twenty minute drive! We can't walk that.

Xena (laughing): Who said anyting about walking? It should be easier to fly now that we've done it once. I can feel the wing bones in my back, you?

Melonie: Yeah...

Xena and Melonie walk outside. Xena turnes back and taps Leann on the shoulder.

Xena: We left for the corner store, got it?

Leann: Yeah.

Xena goes back outside and takes Melonie's hand.

Melonie: Ready to go Sis?

Xena: yeah.

the pairs wings rip from their backs, sending them airborne in a matter of seconds.

Xena: This beats biking that's for sure.

Melonie: If my parents didn't make me drive the pickup, I'd just fly everywhere! It's amazing! Look! Xena! You can see the next town! And the next one, and the next one!

Xena: Wow. Look! There's the school! It looks so tiny!

they land lightly on the grass, and Xena runs over to her bike. We hear only Xena's voice in a dull whisper as she thinks about the lock.

Xena: I wonder

Xena takes a hold of the plastic on the lock and rips it apart with a short tug of her hands. she presses her hand into the shiny metal, which glows orange, then red, and then melts in too.

Xena: Damn that was awesome!

She picks up the bike with one hand, letting her wings shrink back into their hiding places. She is still holding the bike aloft when she gets over to the pickup truck. Melonie is there jamming the key into the ignition, letting the engine fire to life almost automaticly. Xena tosses the bike into the back, one handed, and then climbs into the passenger side of the truck. She lazily bucles her belt, and dangles her right leg out of the window. There is now a slight white shimmer to her legs, as if they emmit their own light in the late day sun. Melonie throws the truck into reverse, and drives slowly out of the parking lot. They arrive back at the house, Xena's leg still hanging out of the window, but now joined by her hand, which is holding what looks like a nail polish brush. her nails are a bloody red color. She doesn't bother to exit by the door, instead, sliding out the window

There is a new shiny white car in the driveway.

Xena: Who the hell is that?

The pair see Xena's Mother talking to a balding man, of middling age he is wearing all black. XM is crying, as far as they can see through the window. Xena pulls her bike out of the bed of the pick up, wheeling it to the side of the house. She unlocks the door, and steps in.

Xena: Mom, what's wrong?

XM twirls on Xena, a furious look on her tear stained face.

XM: You! Why did you do it? Why you?

Xena backs away.

Xena: Mom, what are you talking about?

XM: They say that you sprouted wings, and skipped school! You've been doing drugs haven't you?! WHAT ARE YOU USING??

Xena: Mom! I'm not doing drugs!

XM: I'll not here another word of it! Up to your room missy! March it!

Xena takes one harried look at her mother, and bolts up to her room, where she starts kicking the wall.(every word is punctuated with a kick)

Xena: Fricking! Divine! Inter! Fricking! Fearance!

She collapses on her bed, only to look up to a strange golden light.

God: Hello Xena.

Xena: Go away. I don't beleive in you!

God: I beleive in you though.

Xena: I don't fricking care! Go away!

She throws a pillow at the light, which seems to absorb the pillow, andthen shoots it back at her so fast,she has not time to react. The pillow catches her full in the face, and then flops down on to the bed. Xena groans loudly, slamming her head into the pillow.

Xena: look, are you going to be helpful or what?

God: that depends on what you mean by help.

Xena sighs and looks up, and rolls her eyes.

Xena: Look, if there's anyway that you can poof things better with my mom then go for it. But leave me alone. I'm gonna call my boy-

God: Your boyfriend Milo Hammelton, yes I know.

Xena: How did you?

God: We'll talk later.

The light vanishes


Just wait for scene 5!

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