Frighten Me Speechless

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In the valley of Niagra Falls, there is a girl named Melonie. When her friend Cedarcry dares her to go search for the maiden of the mists **, Mel agrees, but what she finds is far from what the legends tell...

**The story of The Maiden of the Mists, is a true native american folk tale. The last bit about the the rainy forest and seeing her is my invention. Enjoy!

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Submitted: September 18, 2008

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Submitted: September 18, 2008



Frightened: afraid or anxious.

That is the Oxford Dictionary's definition of frightend. I slammed the large tome closed with a dull thud. I walked over to another dictionary.

Courage: Courage is what makes someone capable of facing extreme danger and difficulty without retreating. It implies not only bravery and a dauntless spirit but the ability to endure in times of adversity SEE ALSO: Guts, Fortitude, Resolution, Tenacity, Nerve.

under it was penned another definition, put in by my mother.

Courage: The ability to do what is right, even when you are afraid.

I shut this dictionary as well.

My friends were over in the corner sulking. I had gotten them really badly.

Cassandra looked up from grasping at her boyfriend's arm.

"Dude. Why'd you have to go sc-careing us like th-that?" she stuttered, "that was just plain mean!"

I laughed cruely. " I'd like to see you guys scare me speechless!"

Cedarcry raised her head, her black hair falling around her. She giggled.

"I can do that, Mel. I can scare you so badly, you'll never forget or forgive me."

"Yeah, Cedar. You and your 'scary' native american parables. You know I don't believe it!" I laughed. Soon, the entire group was laughing, except Cedarcry.

"Yes. And this one is true. Let me tell you..."

And so Cedarcry's tale began:

"She lost her husband and her hope at a young age, and the beautiful girl could not find her way through the sorrow upon sorrow that was her lot in life. So she stepped one day into her canoe, singing a death song softly to herself, and paddle out into the current. Soon the canoe was caught by the rough waves and hurtled toward the falls. But as it pitched over and she fell, Heno, the god of thunder who lived in the falls, caught the maiden gently in his arms and carried her to his home beneath the thundering veil of water.

"Heno and his sons ministered to the grieving girl, and she stayed with them until her heart healed within her. Then the younger son spoke words of love to the maiden and they married, to the delight of the god of thunder. A young son was born to the couple, and he followed his grandfather everywhere, learning what it meant to be a god of thunder. The only shadow on the happiness of the maiden in the mist was a continual longing to see her people one more time. Her chance came in an unexpected and unwelcome way.

"A great snake came down the mighty river and poisoned the waters of her people. They grew sick and were dying. Soon the snake would return to devour the dead until my people were all gone. It was Heno himself who gave her the news, and she begged that she might return for one hour to warn her people of the danger. The god himself lifted her through the falls and set her down among her people to give warning about the evil snake that was causing such pestilence among them. She advised them to move to a higher country until the danger was past, and they agreed. Then Heno came and took the maiden back to her husband and her home.

"In a few days, the giant serpent returned to the village, seeking the bodies of those who had died from the poison it had spread. When the snake realized that the people had deserted the village, it hissed in rage and turned upstream to search for them. But Heno heard the voice of the serpent and rose up through the mist of the falls. He threw a great thunderbolt at the creature and killed it in one mighty blast.

"The giant body of the creature floated downstream and lodged just above the cataract, creating a large semi-circle that deflected huge amounts of water into the falls at the place just above the god's home. Horrified by this disastrous turn of events, Heno swept in through the falls and did his best to stop the massive influx of water, but it was too late. Seeing that his home would soon be destroyed, Heno called for the maiden and his sons to come away with him. The younger son caught up his wife and child and followed Heno through the water of the falls and up into the sky, where the Thunderer made them a new home.

"From this place, they watch over the people of the earth, while Heno thunders in the clouds as he once thundered in the vapors of the great falls. To this day, an echo of the Heno's voice can be heard in the thunder of the mighty waters of Niagara Falls."

I chuckled. "Nice fairy tale Cedar. But you'll have to do better than that."

Cedarcry looked at me with her jet black eyes.

"Don't mock the spirit of the serpant. He is sharp and cunning. It is said, that if you go into the woods here on a rainy night, you can see the maiden of the mists, looking for her people, trying to tell them that the falls are safe once more. It is said that she is beautiful than anything you have seen."

"And you want me to go into the woods and find her? Right?"

Cedarcry nodded. As her head snapped back up, a huge crash of thunder sounded out of the sky, and torents of rain plummeted to the earth. The lights flickered, then went dead.

"Okay Cedar. I accept your challenge. But if you fail, YOU must go look for this 'maiden of the mists'. Agreed?"


I stuck out my hand and we shook on it.


Later that night, I stepped out onto the dreary street, Cedarcry and the gang behind me.

"Remember Mel, don't search for her. Just let her find you."

I nodded in return, and stepped on to the nearby trail. The dirt path was slick and muddy. I stumbled but kept going. Rain plastered my hair to my neck, sending cool rivlets of water down my spine. I shivered, despite my warm sweatshirt. A white figure flashed across the left side of my vision, and promptly disappeared from my line of sight. I jumped a little, then regained my composure.

"Hey! Who's there?" I gasped, shaking my head from side to side, sending more trickles of water down my back. "Cedar? This isn't funny!" I was panicking now. I had never known fright this bad. Even from my friends.

A heartwrenching wail split the seemingly iron-clad night in two. I screamed, terrified, as a pale thing emerged from the trees..

A female figure, clothed in ragged white clothing appeared before me. It's flesh was rotting off of it's bones, and it's skin was pulled tight on it's face, revealing two wide and unblinking eyes. It's white hair was short and waved in the harsh winds.

"Youaileouaoo!" The creature wailed. I screamed again. The figure outreached it's decaying hand, bekoning me forward, but I shrunk away from it's bony grasp.

"Youaileoooo!" My screams were lost in the gusts that tore at my clothing, throwing my hair in my face.

"Cooooome... Mellllinda... coooomme, to ussssss........" The figure started to glide closer to me, it's fingers lightly brushing my cheek. I tripped over a root and fell backwards into the mud, cold rain water splashing up and falling back down ontop of me. I spluttered and skidded in the mud, trying to find some traction in the sopping earth. I slipped and fell face first in to the ground. I heaved myself upright and dashed off out of the forest, breathing heavily, unable to scream. Unable to scream for my life.

Cassandra laughed at my horror struck face.

"Ha! She go you good Mel! Admit it!"

I rolled my eyes and tried to reply. A harsh rasping noise came through my lips. It sounded like a snake hissing. I looked fitfully at Cedarcry.

"You didn't heed my warning. Look. You're shrinking."

I looked down and gasped, my eyes bulging at the sight and feeling of my legs disapearing in my jeans. Melding together. Becoming one.

I looked up into the sky and screamed once, before my voice left me and went into a prolongued hiss. Cassandra screamed out loud, running away from me. I tried to streach my hand out to her, only to find that my hand wasn't there. It was gone. I hissed at Cedarcry.

"Like I said Mel. You don't mock the serpant."

I flicked my tounge out at her, tasting the air. I looke up again to see a large man weilding a hammer.

"It's alright Cedar, I'll kill it."

And with that, Cedar's father killed the snake with one mighty blow from his hammer.

"Thanks Papi. Mumma will be quite pleased to know that her enemy is dead once more."

"Of course Cedar. Grandpapi Heno will be pleased as well. Now, let's get home and tell him what a nice job he did on the thunder this evening."

Mel's body lay in the rain, a pitiful limp version of what she had been all along inside. The serpant had finally been defeated for another generation.

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