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Grace Finite has it tougher than other teens. Not to mention she's as old as life it's self, but that's beyond the point.

Submitted: August 19, 2009

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Submitted: August 19, 2009



While most girls my "age" are going shopping, doing homework, dating, or getting a job, I'm doing mine. When those people go to bed, I'm the monsters lying in wait. When elderly people go to sleep, I'm their constant fear. I scare mothers, and haunt humanity.

Do you know what I do yet?

My name is Grace. Ha ha. My parents are real hoots. You may as well start laughing. I'll get you back. I always get everyone back.

I'm older than life it's self. Yeah sure, you're thinking. I'm probably older.

I love hospitals, and not just because I want to be a doctor.

I've never needed one.

I'm really a good person. Even though I've never been  real person at all.

Have you guessed yet?

Ha. No wonder the kids at school call me a goth. It's not easy being Death.

Now, it's an interesting job, and the pay is pretty good. Immortality, impervious to every and all effects on the human body, able to shift forms at will.

But. Let's be blunt. I hate it.

I've seen to many good decent people do something stupid and had to take them away. I've seen to may old folks with stories still to tell.

And my teachers wonder why I'm so good at history. I was there. I remember.

My right now is, I'm finished with being a Reaper. Except that I can't walk away.

And I think I've fallen for a guy in my class.

I don't know. I've never been "in love". It doesn't happen to me. At all.

Until... now that is.

Worst thing is...

He's on my watch list.

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