The Forbidden Fyre

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
There are three problems in Elenora's life. First, she is a Kireen -a mermaid. Secondly, she is in love with a Namuri named Zach. Thirdly, the Kireen and Namuri are mortal enemies. Can they break the bonds their forefathers tied around them?

Table of Contents

Prologue: Part One

Submitted: July 19, 2008

Prologue: Part One I can't just sit here and watch him be beaten by my family. But I can't just turn my back on my race. Oh t... Read Chapter

Prolouge: Part Two

Submitted: July 20, 2008

Prolouge: Part Two Two sisters, standing fast. What was first is now last. Watch t... Read Chapter

Chapter One: The Begining

Submitted: September 01, 2008

Chapter One: The Begining “ ‘In the beginning, there was only the Kireen. We were a beautiful race, surrounded by water. We froli... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Shots Fired

Submitted: September 04, 2008

I trudged up the incline to our prison like building. Almost instinctivly, I zeroed in on a cold spot to my right. Zach. That evil little... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Emergency Rooms Suck

Submitted: September 09, 2008

Chapter Three: Emergency Rooms Suck Many things happen in your dreams, but never before have I had the company of our esteemed enemie... Read Chapter

Poem One: Fire At Dawn

Submitted: September 19, 2008

Poem Chapters will be thrown periodically throughout the book, to accentuate the upcoming events. I'm sorry if you were looking for a cha... Read Chapter

My Living Death

Submitted: October 11, 2008

I walked down towards the river bank, dressed only in a light cotton dress that fell from my bust to my hips. It had been fitted only las... Read Chapter

The Third Hour

Submitted: November 26, 2008

They say that when you die and you were bad, you go to hell, to be surrounded by fire and flames, and burned for all eternity. But wh... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 08, 2009

I woke up in my own bed, in my own house, in my own room. I lay there in total tranquility as I thought of the previous nights encounters... Read Chapter

Submitted: June 10, 2009

"What?" I stuttered, looking into his eyes. There was no doubt to the passion brewing there. "Elenora. I love you. I don't know why. ... Read Chapter

Poem Two: Up On Angel's Wings

Submitted: August 18, 2009

Up on the angel's wings starlights will rest tonight. up on this angel's wings. butterflies, sing their quartets rewriting lull... Read Chapter