The Rant of Itania

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A shakespeare induced musician's rant.

Submitted: August 11, 2008

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Submitted: August 11, 2008



Critic! How mockest you the sweet sounds of victory? These notes that float from the unplayed hymn! Maiden! How can you stand by, waiting for the lullaby to touch your ears? Writer! How do you see the words, that flit meaninglessly from your mouth? Artist! How does the masterpiece fit it's way on to your canvas? Musician! Your melodies have haunted! Haunted the simple minded! Seduced them to play in the dark arts! Child! Your infantile ways they are close coming to an end! How will you cope? Fool! How do you laugh when the joke is at it's end? Do you not mock yourself? Teacher! The weak minds you nourish! Are they not your own? Are they not an extention of your own mind? Reader! You read and do not comprehend! Hear the words lift themselves from the delicate page! Do they spur meaning?

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