The Hearts Pain

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Within your soul is something you stole. My Heart.

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Within your soul it is hidden very deep, almost unable to be seen. Within your soul is something stolen, and something broken. It beats along to the pace of your pain and hate, but it is something you refuse to let it be stepped upon. It is white, almost grey, because the black of your despairs. But it is to bright to be dawned upon, to good to be forced to evil. The thing you have stolen is mine, and it's match is broken because of others, but together they combine to one, leaving behind old memories to make room for the new. Just like me and you.


You leave, with promises to return, just after we marry. It hurts not to have you and my stolen object here, worse then dying itself. Is this heartache? True despair? When will I be at peace? Have you have taken my heart and thrown it away, only to moveto another?  Or are you still faithful, like I am to you?

Our hearts beat faster, harder, the closer we get. But they ache the farther we stretch apart. Me and You, You and I, we are willing to forgive, while our hearts are our safe to with hold emotions of pain. Where are you? How are you? My heart feels numb as i pick up the phone and hear the news. It feels painstakingly on the nerve of breaking, let God keep you safe, My love, my life, my late husband. I shall never love another...


(I wrote this for my Aunt, whose husband had died in the war. Let God be with everyone who has lost a loved one, and sorry it isn't all rhymed up!) 

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