The Legend Of Bootleg Dominos Pizza - Story 1: The Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Hello! Thanks for checking out my story! This was originally for my class, but we still haven't presented them yet, so I want to share mine online! Also, the reason the story type is miscellaneous is because I don't know how to describe what type of story it is. It seems like a sort of script, but I'm not sure, so I put misc. as the story type.

Submitted: May 14, 2019

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Submitted: May 14, 2019



Part 1


Far, far away, in the region of


KANJOHLOLA... In Cerulean cave, there


lived many creatures called Pokémon.


One day, friends Celebi and


Venusaur noticed that the Pokémon of the cave


were going awry! “What is


wrong?”, asked Celebi.


“Pizza stopped spawning!”,


shouted Rhydon. Celebi


turned a pale white.


“Celebi! Here, calm down


and have a Pokébean.”, says Venusaur. “So, anyway, can’t we just


get the ingredients for the pizza ourselves, Celebi?”


“We won’t last a day out there!”


“Yes, we will, Celebi. Yes, we will.”


“Uhh, ok, I guess…”


Part 2


Celebi and Venusaur arrive at Mt. Moon, where they search for the legendary fine dough, and on the way, meet three interesting travelers...




“Zz..z...z *SNORT* Huh?! Wh-what are you talking about, Celebi?”


“Three travelers!”


“I hate you.”


“Let’s talk to them!”

“Oh, it’s obvious I’M more popular than you. You’re in the hall of shame in the Pokémon



“No, I’M more popular. You’re only found in Viridian Forest. Nobody likes Viridian Forest! Plus, I’m RARER.”


“Rarity isn’t everything!”


“Can you both just shut up? We need to collect the ingredients for the legendary Bootleg Dominos Piz-





“Hey, what’s going on over here?”


“Yeah, what’s going...Are you eating that sandwich, Celebi?”


“YES. Don’t TOUCH IT.”


“Okaaaay, whatever you say…”


“What’s going on? Oh, my friends, Mimikyu and Pikachu are arguing about who’s more popular. I’m Chansey. What up?”


“Hello! I’m Celebi, and this is Venusaur. We’re also on the quest for the Bootleg Dominos Pizza. First of all, though…”


“PIKACHU! MIMIKYU! Why do you guys have to be fighting about who’s more popular? Just put aside your differences! Think about what’s the same and not what’s dif-VENUSAUR. PUT THE SANDWICH DOWN.”


“Ughhh, fine…”


“AS I WAS SAYING...Think about what’s the same and not what’s different.”


“Hmm, I guess we could...Hey, thanks a lot, Celebi!”

“You’re welcome, Pikachu!”


“Hey, what’s that shiny thing above your head, Pikachu?”



Suddenly, as our heroes meet new friends, a mysterious yellow stone drops from above Pikachu’s head. What will happen next?

To be continued…


Part 3


As we last saw, our heroes made new friends, and at the end, a peculiar stone fell on one friend’s head. What happens next?








“Uh, Pikachu, are you okay?”, says Celebi.




“AHHHHH! PIKACHU’S GLOWING! AND HIS TAIL IS CHANGING! What is this, The Conjuring!? I’m getting a little freaked out here!”, says Venusaur.


“And the stone disappeared!” , says Chansey.


“Hey...Wait a second...Pikachu’s evolving! That was a thunder stone that fell on him!”, says Celebi.


“Hey, Pikachu, are you...Ok?”, says Mimikyu


“Hmm, fascinating. He turned into an Alolan Raichu.”, says Chansey.


“Well, I guess we have to get going, right?”, says Raichu.


“I guess that’s right! We still need to find the Legendary Dough.”, said Mimikyu.


“Well, to the next floor!”, Chansey says.


“Hey, Chansey, I’ve been wondering,” says Venusaur, “why do you always wear that armor?”


“Oh, this stuff? I was a soldier in the Pokéworld War II. I wear it for extra protection, and to remember all the Pokémon that were lost.”

As our heroes carry on, they have made 3 new friends in Mt. Moon. Will they restore peace in Cerulean Cave, or return empty-handed? Find out soon!


To be continued…

Part 4


Meanwhile, our heroes continue to the next floor of Mt. Moon, after one of their new friends, Pikachu, evolves.


“Hey, look! The dough!”, says Chansey.


“It’s there!” Celebi says.


“How do we get it?”, says Venusaur.


“Hmm, good question…”, says Mimikyu.


“Hey, I know what to do!”, says Celebi.




“What exactly are you trying to suggest?”




“Oh, no…”




“Don’t boss me arou-”




“Argh, my Pokemon instincts always make me react to a move someone shouts!”


“Hey, wait a sec...The dough! Got it!”


And so, as our heroes have retrieved the Legendary Dough, they will continue to Route 10 and look for the Legendary Sauce, made from the freshest tomatoes! But will it be an easy task? That’s for them to find out!


To be continued…


Part 5


Last time, Celebi, Venusaur, Mimikyu, Raichu, and Chansey retrieved the Legendary Dough, and are back on the quest again for the Legendary Sauce!


“Yes! We got it!”, says Chansey.

“Finally! We can look for the next ingredient!”, say Celebi and Venusaur in in unison.


“Yeah, Raichu! You did it!”, says Mimikyu.


“Well, thanks, guys…”


“Let’s get going to Route 10!”




“Here we are! Route 10!”, says Mimikyu.


“Yeah, here we are… Just gotta AVOID ALL of these trainers”, says Celebi.


“You’re right. How do we do that?” says Raichu.


“Simple! Just walk in the tall grass. Nobody will know.” says Venusaur.


“Oh, sure. Like nobody’s gonna notice a huge grass monster.” says Celebi.


“Like nobody's gonna notice a flying onion fairy.” “says Venusaur.


“How DARE you?”


“How dare YOU?”


“ANYWAYS…”, says Chansey, “We need to find the sauce!”

“Right!” says Celebi, “We need to find the sau-”



“CELEBI!” says Venusaur.


And so, as our heroes carry on at Route 10 to look for the Legendary Sauce, Celebi is unexpectedly tackled! Who will our heroes meet next? Find out in Part 6!

Part 6


Last time, Celebi was tackled by a Pokèmon! Who is this mysterious Pokèmon, and what business does it have with Celebi?


“HEY! GET OFF OF ME!”, says Celebi.




“Heh…” says Venusaur, “Intruder alert? More like pervert alert…”


“GET...OFF OF ME!”, says Celebi.


“CELEBI! USE TELEPORT!”, says Chansey.




“H-huh? What just attacked me?”


“I did.”


“Wh-Who are you?”


“The name’s Eevee. Get out of this grass. It’s our home.”


“Are you kidding me!? No way! We’re not risking getting caught by trainers!”


“Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to call Charizard…”




“What is this, some kind of mating call?”, says Venusaur.




“You called me, Eevee?”


“Whoa!” says Celebi, “That’s Charizard?”


“Yes. I called him because you won’t leave.”, says Eevee.


“Eevee...How many times have I told you? Other Pokémon are ALLOWED to come into the grass for the same reason we’re here…”, says Charizard.


“Ohh...Sorry, Charizard!” says Eevee.


“Now, I’m off on my lunch break.”, says Charizard.




“Sorry for tackling you…” says Eevee.


“It’s ok,”, says Celebi.


“Hey, you folk look familiar...Are you from Cerulean Cave?”


“Yeah, we actually are! See, all the Pokemon in the cave started freaking out because the cave stopped spawning pizza. Which is why we’re out of Cerulean cave, looking for ingre-”




“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down there!”


“Sorry...hey, you can have these tomatoes as my apology.”


“Well, thanks! We can use these for the sauce, guys!”


“Yeah!” says Chansey.


“Finally!” says Venusaur.


“Hey, Eevee! You can have this.”, says Chansey.


“A sign of my gratitude. We can finally make the sauce now!”

“Hmm, what is this orange stone?” says Eevee.

“Here, take it.” says Chansey.


And so, as our heroes wrap things up with Eevee, Chansey gives it a weird orange stone. What is this stone, and what is it meant for? Find out soon…

To be continued…

Part 7


Last time, Chansey gave Eevee a peculiar orange stone. Nobody quite knows what that stone is, but they will soon find out.

“Hmm...Huh?” says Eevee.




“No, Venusaur. That was a fire stone.” says Mimikyu.




“H-Huh? What happened?” says Eevee.


“You evolved!” says Mimikyu.


“Huh...This is...AWESOME! Is this because of that red stone you gave me, Chansey?” says Eevee.




“Well, thanks! This is cool!”


“Hmm, say, can I join your team?”


“Gladly!” says Raichu.


“Well, it’s time to get back to Cerulean Cave! Those ingredients won’t prepare themselves!” says Celebi.


“Bye, Charizard!” says Flareon.


“Bye, Flareon!” says Charizard.


And as our heroes finally collect all the ingredients for the Legendary Bootleg Dominos Pizza, they head back to Cerulean Cave to prepare the ingredients! Will everyone be satisfied? Or disappointed? They BETTER be satisfied!

To be continued…

Part 8


The last time, our heroes headed to Cerulean cave to prepare the ingredients for the Legendary Bootleg Dominos Pizza! They will bring peace to Cerulean Cave and all of the Pokemon that live there!


“Alright! Chansey, use Rollout to spread out the dough!” says Celebi.


“On it!”






“Venusaur! Flatten it with Vine Whip!”






“Ok! Pikachu!  Use Submission to make the sauce!”






“Now, Flareon!” Use Flare Blitz to bake the pizza!”






“We’re done! Now...Mimikyu! Use Double Team and multiply the pizza!”






“Now! Celebi! Use teleport back into the cave!”





“We’re back, guys!” says Celebi.


“Did you get the pizza?” says Rhydon.


“Yup! And we...And we...Oh no.” says Venusaur.


“Huh? What’s wrong, Venusaur?” says Flareon.


“We...We...we forgot the cheese…”


“We what?”



“WHAT?!” says Celebi.


“Don’t worry, I think it’ll taste fine without the cheese.” says Raichu.


“Well, dig in, everybody! Brush your teeth first, though. You guys smell like you’ve been living off of onions.” says Celebi.


“We have!” says Rhydon.


“O...kay then…”

And so, as our heroes Celebi, Venusaur, Flareon, Chansey, Raichu and Mimikyu finally collect all the ingredients and prepare them, they have finally restored peace to Cerulean Cave! Is this only the beginning? Or will they go on more exciting adventures? That’s for you to find out!


The End...Or is it?

© Copyright 2020 It's Kirby -craft. All rights reserved.

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